How to Build Board and Batten Exterior Shutters

Shutters on a home.
  • 2-4 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 200
What You'll Need
Wood glue (waterproof)
Nail gun
Tape measure
Wood stain

Board and batten exterior shutters are one of the most popular shutter styles that you can buy in the market. It offers a simple design, which is typically composed of three vertical boards that are secured in position by a couple of horizontal boards. If you think you need such a shutter on your windows, you can build one yourself with the help of some tools, as it is one of the easiest kinds of shutter to build.

Step 1 - Measure the Window

Make a measurement of your window first. This will allow you to know how much of the wood material you are going to use. Take the width and height of the window by means of the tape measure. The shutters should be as high as your window but only half as wide.

Step 2 - Get Your Materials

Go to a local hardware or home improvement outlet and purchase wood for your shutters. Any kind of wood will do, but the more popular choice is cedar because of its durability. Each of the shutters will be composed of two pieces that are horizontal and three that are vertical. That means you would need four horizontal and six vertical pieces. If your window is larger than a standard window, you might have to purchase additional materials. Make your window measurement as your guide. You may have the wood cut appropriately at your local outlet.

Step 3 - Assemble the Boards

In assembling the boards, lay the vertical pieces together on a flat area. Get together only the boards that will be used for each shutter, not the whole set. Usually, this will be composed of three boards. Lay them alongside each other evenly and connect them together with the waterproof wood glue.

Step 4 - Attach the Battens

In attaching your battens, measure from 8 to 12 inches from the top and bottom and put on some wood glue. This will secure the battens on the boards. You can then use your nail gun to attach them firmly to the boards. Make sure that each nail is driven outward, which faces the shutter side. There should be from 4 to 6 inches between nails.

Step 5 - Paint or Stain the Shutters

Decide whether you are going to apply paint or stain on your shutters, depending on what will look best for your house. This will also complete your project. You can get your paint or stain from your local home improvement depot as well as the brush that is needed for applying it. Apply a coating and let it dry according to the instruction of the manufacturer.

Step 6 - Attach the Shutters

Once the paint or stain has dried sufficiently, you can then attach the shutters using four screws that are 2.75 inches in length. Put a screw on each corner with the help of a drill. Always attach the shutters with screws no matter what kind of material composes the exterior of your house.