How To Build Closet Shelving How To Build Closet Shelving

Knowing how to build closet shelving is a great way to add additional storage and organization to any closet. You can purchase pre made shelving and storage units, or you can create your own. It’s a pretty easy project, and you can usually have a new shelving system in your closet in just a day or two.


You will need to measure you closet. Measure the width, the depth, and the height of the closet. Once you have these measurements you can then decide what kind of shelves you want to install. Plan this out and scale your sketches so you will know how much material you will need. This is easiest with graph paper since you can assure everything is even.

Make Your Mark

Now that you know what measurements you have, you can start marking the closet sides and backs with pencil. This will give you a visual picture of your shelves. Utilize the space that corners give you in a closet. You may want to place some corner shelves in. Even if you have to move things out of the way, this will is a great way to use space that is normally unused.

Purchase Your Materials

You can take your measurements with you to the hardware store to purchase the shelves. You can opt for wood or a hard plastic material. Some people choose to use metal, but this isn’t very convenient to install and doesn’t always look good. Remember to pick up hardware elements such as brackets and pulls if you decide to add a few drawers in later. Most often you can have the wood cut to your specifications at the hardware store. If this isn’t an option, you will need to cut this at home. A table saw works fine for this.

Paint or Finish the Shelves

If you have purchased plywood or another unfinished lumber you may want to stain or paint them to give the shelves a cleaner look. This seems like a minor thing, but can make the difference as to whether or not you enjoy the shelves. It doesn’t take a long time to do, and can make function in to fashion at the same time.

Attach the Brackets

Place your brackets on the wall. Use a level to make sure these are even, you don’t want lopsided shelves. Once you know they are placed evenly you can use a drill to secure them to the wall.

Place the Shelves

With the brackets in place, you can slide the shelves in one at a time. Since these should fit snugly against the wall, you may need to use a rubber mallet to tap the shelves down in to place.

Finishing Touches

If you decide to suspend drawers you can do this now. You can also go ahead and install any closet rods you want to place above or below the shelves. Once all of that is complete, you can start placing your items on the shelves.

That’s all there is to it. Just a few brackets, a little patience, and you’ve just completed renovating your closet!


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