How to Build Doors for Your Wood Shed How to Build Doors for Your Wood Shed

What You'll Need
A tape measure
A table Saw
Wood (plywood)
Paint (choose your color, preferably water resistant paint)
A handle (could be an old handle)
Two or Three hinges
A Driller
Some screws
Large metal pins (or bolts)

There are various home improvement shops that sell ready made wood shed doors but they are quite expensive, so if you want a good shed door but don’t wont to spend a fortune on it just build it yourself. Any door, by wear and tear will, eventually, have to be substituted but as long as you don’t care for the looks of the door, it is much better to build it yourself. In this article we will show you how you can build a nice and functional door with the added advantage of not being expensive.

Step 1:  Taking the Measurements

The first thing to do is to measure the inside edges of the shed’s opening, its length and width. You don’t need to measure the depth of the door, as it's not that important.

Step 2: Cutting the Wood

By using the table saw, cut the wood to fit the opening of the shed. If you desire to have a double door for the shed, all you have to do is to cut the wood in two pieces from the middle. Obviously, the sturdiness of the door depends on how thick the wood is. So the thickness of the door is up to you, either a heavy sturdy door or a lighter, medium weight door.

Step 3: Painting the Wood

Now once you have cut the wood to form a door, paint it. Apply more than one coat of paint, always making sure to let it dry properly after each coat before applying a new one, especially if you use plywood. The paint will give the door protection against natural weathering.

Step 4: Handles and Hinges

Screw the old handle into the door at an appropriate height, so that you can reach it easily. If you have opted for a double door, then use two handles. Now grab the hinges and attach them to the door, make sure that the hinges are 2 to 6 inches from the ground and the same from the roof of the shed.

Step 5: Using the Driller

Once you have decided where the hinges and handle are to be placed, drill the holes into the wood and screw them securely to it.

Step 6: The Last Step

Once the door is in place, drill a hole into the shed floor so that you can insert the bolt (or large metal pin). In the case of a double door, use the same procedure but with two bolts (or two large metal pins). The latter is done to prevent the shed door from swinging violently; obviously if you want to open the door properly you have to remove the metal pin (or bolt). If you have an old door stopper, you can use it instead of the metal pin.


Make sure that the measurements are correct before cutting the wood, otherwise you would have to scrap everything and start all over. This is an alternative to buying a really expensive door for your shed, and in addition you can use the money saved for other improvements.

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