How to Build Folding Work Tables How to Build Folding Work Tables

What You'll Need
Plywood (5 or 6 large boards)
A handsaw
An electric drill
General use screws
A spirit level
Folding bracket kits
A power saw
Sandpaper (general use)
Wood stain
A large paintbrush
Wood polish
A large cloth

Folding work tables are light, easy to store and can be used for a variety of different things. The table could be used for a simple do-it-yourself job such as wallpapering or sawing. Building a folding table is a very simple process which you can complete even if you have never built a table before.

Step 1 - Get Wood

You will need to use plywood for this job. A good tip is to visit a lumberyard where you should be able to pick up the wood quite cheaply. Make sure your wood has a thickness of roughly 1 1/2 inches. The surface area size of the table is up to you, but 4 feet by 4 feet is a good place to start. You will also need pieces for the legs which should be 4 feet high. A good idea is to have the legs smaller than the length of the tabletop surface so they can fold in. Also make sure you have pieces of wood to create a rim, which will be fixed to the outer edge of the table top. These will help with attaching the legs.

Step 2 - Attach Rim

Cut 4 smaller pieces of wood roughly 3 inches wide with a handsaw. Make sure these pieces are the same size in length as each side of the table top. Attach each piece to one outer edge of the table top at a time to form the rim. Hold each piece of wood in turn flat against the outer edge of the table top. Use an electric drill and small screws to attach each piece. Make sure that each piece of wood used for a rim are level with each other. You can check this with a spirit level.

Step 3 - Attach Legs

Cut the legs for the table with a hand or power saw. Make sure they are roughly 4 feet high with 3 to 4 inches across each side. Use bracket kits to attach the legs to the rim you have installed. Make sure the bracket kits are folding kits. This will allow you to fold the legs in when you are not using the table and lock them into place when you are. The size of the legs can vary depending on how tall you are and how you intend to use the folding table.

Step 4 - Surface Finish

You will now have created a folding worktable, which you can use in a variety of different locations. However, it may still look untidy. Take a piece of sandpaper and sand the surface of the table until it's smooth under hand. Add a layer of wood stain with a large paintbrush and use a small amount of wood polish on a large cloth to finish once this has dried. Allow the wood polish to seep in and store the table by folding it and sliding it away.

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