How To Build Furniture Drawers How To Build Furniture Drawers

Furniture drawers are very basic components of almost all types of furniture and can be built to fit in numerous pieces.  Follow these steps to build your own drawers.

The Beginning Steps

  1. Figure out how big the opening for the drawer is going to be on your piece of furniture. You do this by measuring the opening on the furniture and making the drawer 1 inch smaller (½-inch on each side) than that measurement.
  2. Decide the length you want the drawer to be and create the side panels for the drawer in that size. The side panel of a drawer is typically a ½-inch and can be constructed of simple plywood. When cutting the height of the side panels, remember that you must subtract 1 inch.
  3. Now that you have the side panels done, you must build the front and back panels. The basic drawer uses ¾-inch thick wood for the front and back drawer panel.  

    Remember that the panel lengths are equal to the width of the opening after subtracting 1 inch and accounting for the thickness of the side panels.
  4. To secure the side and front panels, you may use either 1-inch nails or screws.
  5. Once the side and front panels are together, build the bottom panel of the drawer. The average bottom panel is half the thickness of the side panels. In this case, the bottom panel would be a ¼-inch thick.
  6. Secure the bottom panel to the rest of the panels using 1-inch nails or screws.

The Finishing Steps

  1. Now that the basic foundation of the drawer is completed, it is time to focus on the details of the piece. The size of the drawer front should be about 1 inch bigger than the measurements of the front panel you built earlier.
  2. Sand and stain the wood as desired.
  3. After the front drawer is in place, secure it with nails or screws.

Now that the drawer itself is completed, it’s time to fill that 1 inch of open space with drawer gliders so the drawer can open and shut with ease. While most roller gliders have detailed instructions on the packaging, essentially you are just attaching the gliders to the bottom of the drawer and placing the drawer on the track. Remember to securely attach the gliders before placing the drawer down.

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