How to Build Garage Benches

What You'll Need
6- 2 X 6 inch X 8 feet long pine boards
4- 2 X 4 inch X 8 feet long pine boards
Round headed (p) nails
Circular saw
Tape measure
Carpenters square

Garage benches are a great way to add some additional work space to your garage. They are particularly useful if you spend a lot of time working in your garage and needed some counter space.

Step 1 - Plan 

While you can build garage benches that are attached to the walls of your garage, building benches that stand alone allows you to move them around to suit your needs. It also means that if you redesign or reorganize your garage you won’t have to work around benching that has to either remain in the same spot or be un-installed.

You will also need to measure how wide you can have your garage benches before they start to interfere with movement and storage of other things in the garage.

Step 2 - Cut Legs and Supports

Your garage benches will each have 6 legs to ensure that there is enough support. Three of the 2 X 4 pieces of wood will be used to make the legs for the bench. Each leg will be 34 ½ inches long, therefore each piece of wood will yield two legs. Measure out 34 ½ inches on the wood and mark using the carpenter’s square to make sure that the lines are level. Repeat starting from the mark. Once you have measured out the legs, cut.

Measure out 3, 27 inch pieces of wood on the last 2 X 4 piece of wood to form the leg supports. Since each leg needs two spanners to support it, you will also need to use the end pieces for the other three pieces of 2 X 4 that you used for the legs.

After placing the leg pieces on the floor nail one of the leg supports to the top of the two legs, forming a U shape. Nail in the second support piece 12 inches down from the first support brace. Repeat for the other two pairs of legs. If want, you can add a shelf using these lower support braces.

Step 3 - Assemble Garage Benches

The trick to constructing garage benches is putting it together. Because the top can be 6 feet long or more, you are going to need at least another person to help at this stage. Preferably you have two extra sets of hands.

Standing two of the sets of legs upright, place your first 2 X 6 2 ½ inches over the ends of the leg support. Nail into place using two nails. Take the next 2 X 6 and nail into place flush to the first one. Repeat until you have the top of the bench nailed into place. Once the two end legs are nailed in place, you can add the middle set of legs, measuring to make sure it is of equal distance from both sides.

Step 4 - Adding a Shelf

If you want to, you can add a shelf to your bench by nailing 3, 2 X 6 X 8 foot pieces of wood to the lower leg supports.