How To Build Green Kitchen Cabinets How To Build Green Kitchen Cabinets

Building green kitchen cabinets is a great way to make a more eco-friendly room. Green cabinets aren’t much different as far as the building process goes than standard material cabinets. The main difference will be in the wood and materials chosen to make them. Here are some things to consider when choosing to build green kitchen cabinets.

Materials Used

There are many options for green cabinets. Bamboo is becoming more popular. Bamboo isn’t actually a wood, rather it is a grass that is extraordinarily strong. Traditional lumber comes from trees, and can the trees can take anywhere from 5-30 years to mature before more can be harvested. Bamboo matures in about a year, growing much faster and is much easier to replenish. Bamboo is long lasting, and can be put together with special glues that aren’t treated with chemicals.

Wheat board is another material that is becoming popular in home improvement projects. Wheat board is almost identical in strength and look to standard plywood, but again it’s made with a material that doesn’t cause increased deforesting. Wheat is a rapidly renewable source. If you choose wheat board you will want to make sure they are fabricated with a process that doesn’t include any kind of synthetic processing. Often times the fabrication and finishing of wheat board is identical to that of other materials, and isn’t an eco-friendly process, defeating the purpose of going green.

Green Hardware Options

You can find a variety of hardware options for your green cabinets that are also green. If you look enough you can find hardware for door handles, knobs, or pulls that are also made with bamboo elements. This can add a great rustic look to your cabinets. You may also want to consider salvaging hardware from other furniture or cabinets that has been discarded. There are many stores that specialize in this, you can check local thrift stores or places like Habitat For Humanities Re-stores. This will prevent more stuff from ending up in the landfill, and if you look around you can find some great vintage pieces to use to add more character to your cabinets. You can use this same method for finding the hinges and other hardware that is needed.

Building Process

Building green cabinets is not much different than building cabinets out of any other materials. You will still need to follow the same kinds of measuring, and use most of the same methods as you would building any kind of cabinetry. The only differences may be found in the glue. If you are going green and you require wood glue for any part of the cabinets, you will want to make sure you are finding an adhesive that is free of chemicals and is not harvested using any methods that are harmful to the environment.

Tax Credits

Most people don’t realize that even adding green features to their home can result in tax incentives and credits from the government. Most of us are aware of credits for green cars, and energy efficient systems. But any home improvements you make that are made with green elements may also be eligible. You may want to check with an accountant before you start remodeling to see what kind of credits you are looking at.


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