How to Build Greenhouse Benches

What You'll Need
3 boards, 2x4-inches, 12 feet long
5 boards, 1x4-inches, 8 feet long
Measuring Tape

Greenhouse benches can be made of a variety of materials, sizes and designs to suit the many specific needs of different plant growers in various geographic locations. A simple wooden design can serve most hobby gardeners quite well. Use this bench as a work surface for potting, or as a support for your plants as they grow. The open frame and space between top boards will allow for ventilation.

Here are plans for a basic 3½x4-foot greenhouse bench:

Step 1 - Cut

Out of your total 36 feet of 2x4-inch boards, cut pieces to the following lengths:

  • 8 pieces 3 feet long
  • 3 pieces 4 feet long

Cut all the 1x4 boards into 42-inch lengths for a total of 10 3½-foot length boards.

Step 2 - Construct End Supports

Lay 2 of your 3-foot boards (these will be the legs) parallel to each other, and lay one across the ends. Rest the cross-beam so the ends are flush with the outside edges of the legs. Nail them securely, and place a fourth board halfway down the length of the legs, and nail it securely as well.

Repeat this step for a second set of 2 legs with braces.

Step 3 - Connect Ends and Level

Nail one of the 4-foot long 2x4-inch boards to the outside top edge of one set of legs. When you lay this out, have the legs facing out and the crossbars facing in. Next, nail the other end of the 4-foot length to the other set of legs, again with legs facing out and crossbars in. After completing the above, the table will have 3 sides built, and you can stand it up to check the surfaces of the greenhouse bench frame with your level. If you find that the top boards are not level, adjust and reconnect. After satisfying your leveling requirements, attach the second 4-foot board to the other side of the legs.

You will have one more 4-foot board remaining. Place it across the crossbars between the legs, and nail in place to provide stability to the legs.

Step 4 - Layout and Mark Position of Top Boards

Lay the ten 42-inch long 1x4 boards across the top of your greenhouse bench. You will be covering 48 inches of length with 10 boards, so space them evenly, slightly less than 1 inch between each board. Lay one end flush with the top support and the other end extended 6 inches beyond the edge for an overhang. Mark the spacing with a pencil.

Step 5 - Attach Top Boards

Nail each top board in place with 2 nails at each end. Use pencil marks to keep alignment consistent. Place your greenhouse bench so the overhang edge faces out, away from the wall or other greenhouse benches and equipment.