How to Build Home Theater Seating

home theater with large, comfy seats
  • 10-20 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 200-2,000
What You'll Need
Theater seats or a sofa
Measuring tape
4 studs- 96x2x6
9 studs- 69x2x6
9 studs- 60x2x6
4 inch wood screws
1 piece of plywood: 96x60x1
1 piece of plywood 96x9x1
Piece of carpeting: 108x72
Piece of carpeting: 72x12
Carpet tacks or nails

As home theater systems have become increasingly more popular, so has home theater seating. Stadium-like home theater seating provides an unobstructed view for everyone who is watching television.

Step 1 - Measure the Height of the Ceiling

Using your measuring tape, measure the height of the theater room ceiling. The rise should be one foot high. Calculate so that your tallest family members and guests can fit comfortably. If the ceiling is lower eight feet, the riser won't work.

For inspiration, check out some options on Amazon, from the high-end maximalist to the simple individual.

Step 2 - Nail the Studs Together

Nail one 69 inch stud to the end of one 96 inch stud. Nail a second 69 inch stud to the other end end of the 96 inch stud.

Then, nail a 96 inch stud to the bottoms of the two 69 inch studs. This will form a box. Slot the remaining 69 inch studs between the top and bottom of the box. Make sure to spread them out evenly and nail them to the top and the bottom 96 inch studs.

Repeat the process with the remaining 96 inch studs and the nine 60 inch studs. Again, you will make a box and nail the supports inside. When you are finished, place the shorter structure on top of the larger one and line up the 96 inch studs at the back. Using your drill, screw together the two structures. When you are done, you should now have a riser with a step.

Step 3 - Attach the Plywood

After completing the riser with the a step, it is time to attach your plywood. Attach the larger sheet of plywood to the top of the riser. Nail it to the edges and inner supports of the frame using wood screws.

After nailing down the larger sheet of plywood, fasten the smaller piece of plywood to the step of the riser. Nail down the plywood to the edges and the inner supports using wood nails.

Step 4 - Lay the Carpet

After attaching your plywood, you are now ready to lay the carpet. Lay the larger piece of carpet over the riser. It should cover from the back of the riser, across it, down the step and down to the floor. Attach the carpet to the rise using carpet tacks or nails. Be sure to attach it tightly.

After attaching the larger piece of carpet, cut the second piece of carpet to fit the sides of the riser and fasten with carpet tacks or nails. A sharp box cutter or razor works well for cutting the carpet.

Position the riser in your home theater and place your seats or sofas onto it create home theater seating.

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