How to Build Hot Tub Gazebo Walls

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Pencil and paper

There are many different styles of hot tub gazebos–some with walls, some without. If your gazebo is to have walls you must design them or find somewhere to purchase them.

Step 1 – Decide on the Type of Wall

Gazebo walls can be full height to the roof or only go part way. It is possible to have gazebo walls that slide open like patio doors or into a concertina fold to open the full width. More permanent walls can be built with bricks, stone or wood. The amount of window space needs to be considered as well as where the doors will be.

Step 2 – Measure Carefully

The location of the walls needs to be checked and measured. The measurements will enable you to calculate how much material you will need to build your walls or the size of wall panels you need to buy or have made for you. Make a particular note of any places where there needs to be provision for the installation of the utilities.

Step 3 – Cost out the Different Ideas

While building your walls with brick or stone might be the cheapest option. it is not always the easiest. Apart from the building of the wall you also have the added costs of finishing it inside and installing windows. This type of solid wall doesn’t always fit in with the idea of a gazebo. Probably a good choice would be to use prefabricated panels that can be designed to fit together and be well coordinated.

Step 4 – Order the Panels

The panels should be ordered to fit exactly, so check your measurements one more time. Order the number of panels that you require in the style that you like. They will be delivered with all the necessary framing to fit into your gazebo. Don’t forget to order the doors so that you will be able to get in and out of the gazebo!

Step 5 – Receive the Panels

When you receive the panels, immediately confirm that they are the right size. Make sure that the rails of the frames fit.

Step 6 – Install the Frame

The frame will either fit between the corner pillars that already exist in your gazebo or will include the corners. Follow the instructions for the installation of the frame. Sometimes there are no instructions to use a seal between the frame and the surfaces to which it is to be fitted. Always use either a cut foam seal or a mastic seal. This will keep out water, dust and drafts.   

Step 7 – Install the Panels

The wall panels will usually be installed by being raised in to the upper rail and dropped into the lower rail. Sometimes there is a gap in the lower rail for panels to slide into and then be closed with a separate locking bar. Whichever system your panels have, follow the instructions carefully so that they cannot be lifted out of the rails.

Whatever choice of wall you make, be sure that you know exactly how to build them before you start.