How to Build Hot Tub Steps

What You'll Need
Two by Six Lumber (Three Twelve Foot Lengths)
Two by Eighteen Lumber (One Six or Eight Foot Length)
Jig or Circular Saw
3 1/2" Galvanized Screws
Drill or Screw Gun
Deck Stain & Sealer

One accessory that is pretty critical to full enjoyment of your hot tub is hot tub steps to facilitate the ease of entering and exiting the hot tub safely. Building a set of steps for your hot tub is not difficult, and will only take a couple of hours to do. Many hot tubs are too high to easily get into and out of without the aid of steps, unless you are particularly nimble. A set of steps will enable all members of your household to access the hot tub easily, and ensure it's accessibility for all. Here you will find the information needed to create a set of steps quickly and easily.

Step 1 - Selecting Lumber

The first step is to select good quality lumber. When selecting your lumber, you will first want to consider the type of wood that you want to use. Many hot tubs are enclosed with beautiful cedar or redwood. You will likely want to build your steps out of a similar type of wood to ensure that they are not only functional but beautiful and will blend with the hot tub. Consider cedar or redwood for the type of wood. These are woods that are meant to be used out of doors and are durable and will withstand the weatherization that they will be subjected to. Select pieces of wood that are not warped (lay them flat on the ground in the store to ensure they lay flat), and should be free of large knots and cracks.

Step 2 - Creating Risers

You will need to make two risers. These are the supports for the steps. First, determine the rise. Steps should typically only be about six inches high. You may be able to purchase risers as well. Draw out the pattern for your risers. Here we have given you enough lumber to create a set of three steps, six inches high, and three feet across. When marking your template for the risers, use a straight edge to get true ninety degree angles, twelve inches deep.

Step 3 - Cut Supports

Cut three thirty three inch lengths from the two by sixes. These will be the supports for the risers. Lay one, narrow edge down, in between the risers for the front of the bottom step. Screw into place with the deck screws. Repeat this at the back, and at the top of the stairs, at the back as well.

Step 4 - Cut Steps

Cut six three foot lengths from the two by sixes. Secure two lengths per step to the top of the risers using the galvanized screws and your drill.

Step 5 - Stain

Stain the steps using deck stain. Apply the stain according to the label directions. Because the steps will frequently be exposed to water, it is prudent to also seal them against water. Some stains also seal, so make sure when purchasing your products you choose appropriately.