How to Build Log Stairs Part 1

What You'll Need
2 log stringers(whole or half width)
4 to 8, Securing Bolts 8 to 10 inches in length
Bore (1/8 to 1/4 inch wider than your securing bolts)
2 log supports
Tape measure
Steel square
Flat blade saw

You will need to build stingers that will hold up your log stairs if you have a basement or a second floor. The length out is going to determine how steep they are compared to the height to the top floor. You will want to calculate the distance from the doorway at the top to where you want your bottom step to land, once you have this measurement, you can then buy 2 lengths of the appropriate log beam stringers for the job.

Step 1 - Measure Stringer Length

The method is pretty much the same if you are going to use halved logs or whole ones for your stringers. Your log stairs should blend in with the look of the rest of the home and this should be your guide for that. You will measure the height to the next floor to the lower floor, and measure the distance from the top floor opening forward to where your last step will land. This is the length you will want to get for your stringers.

Step 2 - Measure Support Lengths for Stringers Longer than 6 Feet

If your log stairs are going to measure out to the floor over 8 feet, it is wise to also put in stair supports for stability. The supports should be about 6 feet in from the floor. A measurement from here will give you a support length, and when you cut them, also drill support bolt holes into your stringer to hold the supports in place. You can also install securing pegs into the floor below, where the bottom of the supports will sit, to stabilize them.

Step 3 - Prepare the Stringers for Mounting

You will want to take your steel square and calculate the length and depth of your steps. Once you have one step measured out, simply clamp a board to your square to keep your measurement, and then draw out and cut each of your slots down the stringer. Be cautious on log stairs. The top step may have to come out a bit more than the others to compensate for the drop from your second floors dormer. The foot of your stringer should be cut to sit flush to the lower floor, and in many cases an added amount removed if you are adding a foot, or tread to the bottom. Cut all of your securing holes for your bolts through the top ends of the stringer and the base to mount it to the top and bottom. Use your bores to make counter sinks and solid methods to attach them to your studs on the second floor, which will vary in method, depending on the construction of your home. Just know you will be cross securing these into the frame of your house using securing bolts. The same method applies for half width log stringers.

Once your stringers are cut and you have drilled all your bolt holes, mount the stringers and supports of your log stairs using securing bolts.