How to Build Notched Deck Railing How to Build Notched Deck Railing

What You'll Need
Compound miter saw
Measuring square
Measuring tape
Framing nailer
Nails and screws
1/2 inch galvanized leg bolts
Galvanized hangers

Discover how to build a deck railing with notches on the top, following the simple guidelines below. If you build a deck railing that is safe and sturdy, you can enjoy a cup of coffee on your deck with the evening breeze and the children playing along.

Step 1 - Identify the Size of the Railing:

To build a deck railing, it is important that you first identify the size of your railing post. If your railing post is 4x4 then you will a compound miter saw with a slide arm to notch it. However, if your railing post is 6 by 6 then you will require a circular saw. Both sized railing posts can be easily notched. Cut the size of the railing posts to be 51 inches as this height of the post will allow it to hold the deck from the base and still have more space over the railing. You will need to cut two extra pieces of 4 inches for the posts that show over the deck to build a deck railing.

Step 2 - Notch the Railing Posts:

Next for the notches you will have to use the end of the railing posts. Use the measuring tape and at the end of the post make a 1 inch notch. To give your railing post a square and ring appearance, continue downwards to make two more notches from where you put your first notch. Make these notches at 3 7/8 and at 3 3/8. Then all around the railing post, mark three line using a measuring square.

Step 3 - Building a Double Notched Railing Post:

For the double notched cedar posts position the 4x4 railing post and cut the 1 inch line you marked at the end of the post by positioning your compound miter saw at a 45 degree angle. Do not cut it in breaks as that will distort the neatness and also create problems in measurements. Also while cutting keep the blade of the saw straight so that the marks show less on the wood.

Step 4 - Prepare for the Second Notch:

For the second notch, keep the depth of the blade of the saw to 3/8”. Begin cutting once with the line marked on the top and then cut the line on the base. Between the top and base lines, create at most five cuts. Break off the cut wood using a chisel. Make neat all notches with a saw, after removing all the large pieces of cut wood. Clean the area with the running saw blade moving backward and forward from one side of the notch to the other. While cleaning do not push the blade of the saw too firmly against the wall as that could make the notch bigger in that particular area. You will need to repeat these steps for all four post sides.

Step 5 - Preparation of the Surface of the Deck:

You will have to cut the rim joists back to the floor where the railing posts will be placed, if the deck develops or expands over the rim joists.

Step 6 - Installation of the Railing Posts:

Set the railing posts in position to build a deck railing. With 1/2 inch galvanized lag bolts install the railing posts to the rim joists.

Step 7 - Installation of the Railings:

Prior to attaching the railings, it is preferable that you have beforehand constructed railing modules to build a deck railing. Using your measuring tape measure the distance between the railing posts. Once that is done cut the railings to install them. To keep the railing in square shape, use galvanized fasteners to install balusters to the top and bottom railings. To attach the railing modules to the posts, you can use either galvanized hangers or do it by toe-nailing the railing modules to the posts.







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