How to Build on a Flood Plain How to Build on a Flood Plain

There can be many attractions for living on a flood plain, but building on one is quite a challenge.

Do You Have a Plot to Build On?

If you already own a flood-plain plot to build on, you need to check the local building regulations to see just how many formalities there are to comply with before you can start.

Local Regulations

A local architect may well have experience of designing houses to build in the flood plain, and he will also know most of the regulations that you need to abide by.

Flooding Incidence

A major consideration is how often the plain floods. If it floods every year you already know that you will have to consider an elevated building with footings able to withstand the pressures of regular inundation.


If you are considering building on stilts you need to have a survey carried out to discover just how far down you will have to drive piles before they are at a secure level.

Although there may be only slight differences in the overall building process on a flood plain, the legal arrangements and permissions are a different story.

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