How to Build or Improvise Your Own Caulking Gun

What You'll Need
PVC pipe
Metal plating
Metal rod
Cake icing nipple

A number of house projects will require the use of a caulking gun. Whether you are doing a painting job or renovating your bathroom, caulking is an integral part of any kind of remodeling task. But for homeowners who are trying to save a buck or two, is it really necessary to purchase a caulking gun? The answer is no. The function of a caulking gun is rather simple—to dispense caulk. Although your caulking gun won’t look as sophisticated and elegant as the ones you see in the shop, at least you did not have to shell out a fortune to have yours.

Step 1 - Cut Your PVC Pipe

The body of your caulking gun will be made of PVC pipe. According to how long you want your caulking gun to be, cut your PVC pipe to length with the use of a hack saw. Ten to twelve inches would be ideal.

Step 2 - Trace Your Metal Plating

Place your PVC pipe on top of a sheet of metal plating. Make sure that the metal plating you get is at ¼ inch thick. You don’t have to purchase a large sheet of metal plating. A 4-inch square will work just fine for this project. With the PVC pipe standing on the metal plating, trace the outline of your PVC pipe on the metal plate with the use of a marker.

Step 3 - Measure the Thickness of PVC Pipe Wall

With the use of a ruler, measure the thickness of your PVC pipe wall. Once you have this information, take a compass and place it on the middle of the circle on your metal plating. Set the compass and deduct the PVC pipe wall thickness from the circumference of the circle that you drew. Draw another circle. This circle should be smaller than the first one that you made.

Step 4 - Cut the Metal Plate

Cut the second circle that you made. This circle must fit inside your PVC pipe.

Step 5 - Weld the Metal Circle and Metal Rod

Take an 18-inch metal rod and weld it onto the center of your metal circle. Use a gas welder and filler bar. The rod has to be perpendicular to the metal plate.

Step 6 - Attach the Cake Icing Nipple

Secure a cake icing nipple on one end of your PVC pipe by tapping its sides around the base of your PVC pipe. Make sure that you get the nipple with a small dispensing hole.

Step 7 - Attach the Metal Plate and Rod

Insert the metal plate into your PVC pipe with the metal rod sticking out. You now have your caulking gun. If you would like to use the gun, simply remove the metal circle and place the caulk. Reinsert the metal circle and then push until the caulk is dispensed in the cake icing nipple.