How to Build Outdoor Speaker Cabinets

What You'll Need
Table saw
Keyhole saw
Protective gear
Eye glasses
Tape measure

Building your own outdoor speaker cabinets is the ideal way to ensure that you have control over your outdoor entertainment needs and preferences. With a set of simple directions, you can build your outdoor cabinet by yourself.  All you need is to get materials that can withstand different outdoor weather. Wood is the main building material for cabinets as it is strong and readily available too. Fiberboard is ideal for outdoor speaker cabinets.

Step 1 - Take Cabinet Measurements

Take the outdoor speakers and line them on your wood, in size from the smallest to the largest with a 3-inch distance between them. Use the pencil to draw a rectangle around each of the speakers. Leave a 3-inch space from the edge of the outer speakers to that of the rectangle. Outline the holes for the speakers as well. Take depth measurements for the largest speaker and add a 2-inch allowance for air space. The rear section has the same measurements as the one above. Outline the remaining three sides of the cabinet. The side panels are of the same height while their width is adjusted according to that of the largest speaker. Finally, outline the top and bottom parts of the cabinet, which are of the same width as the front and rear sides. Add 1½ inches to the width of the side panels to get the total length of the top and bottom panels.

Step 2 - Cut Wood

Take the table saw and cutout the drawn cabinet sections, making sure that you cut precisely along the pencil markings. Use the keyhole saw to make the outlined holes for the speakers. Make a hole through the back piece, by way of which you will connect the speaker wire. Use the sander to smooth out all the rough edges of the cabinet pieces.

Step 3 - Assemble Cabinet

Pick up the cut out cabinet pieces and attach them together by hammering nails through them. Fit the side panels between the front and rear parts. Drill holes on the edge of the right side of the rear panel as well as on the adjacent right side panel. Align the holes of the hinges with the drilled holes and use the screws to attach the two panels together. This allows you to open the back panel of your speaker cabinet.

Step 4 - Fix Handle

A handle will ensure that you can easily open the back panel of your outdoor speaker cabinet. Fix the handle on the top part of the left side of the rear panel. Paint the entire wood cabinet with a color that matches your outdoor setting. Apply a sealant on the cabinet for weatherproofing.