How to Build Pine Kitchen Cabinets

Lead Image
  • 12-40 hours
  • Advanced
  • 500-2,500
What You'll Need
Kitchen layout
Measuring tools
Pine lumber
Wood glue
Wood screws
Drill with drill bits and screwdriver bits
Cabinet hardware

Building pine kitchen cabinets can not only be a fun DIY project but can also give your kitchen a complete makeover. You can either go for a rustic look or a modern one, depending on how you finish the cabinets. Having the right instructions for the job is very important though. Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to build pine kitchen cabinets. The tools and materials required for the job are given below.


It is important to take accurate measurements before you start building your pine kitchen cabinets. First, make a kitchen layout and determine how deep you would want your cabinets. Decide whether they would need drawers or not, etc.

Start with One Cabinet

Making the first cabinet can be the most difficult part of the process. You will be using the first one as a template to easily build the rest.

Build the Carcass

Building a carcass for all the cabinets is the first building step here. Keep the thickness of the sides and top wood of the carcass in mind. When you cut the board for the back of the carcass, for example, you will have to cut with appropriate measurements so you can fit the board easily in between the sideboards of the carcass.

Finish the Carcass

The trick here is to predrill holes into the carcass. This will prevent you from cracking the wood. When you have predrilled the holes, attach the top of the carcass to the sides. Flip the carcass over the then and attach the bottom. You will be attaching these parts by using wood screws and wood glues. Use clamps for more support while attaching the sides and top and bottom.

Create Faceplate

Now, create the faceplate for your pine kitchen cabinets. As the sides of the faceplate are the same height as the cabinets, the width will vary as you have to keep in mind the width of the sideboards. Cut the styles and rails.

Prepare the Stiles and Rails

Line up the stiles and rails and make marks on them to make dowel holes. The trick is to drill two holes at the end of the rails to line them with the holes in the inner side of the styles. When you have drilled the holes, put glue in them, and clamp all pieces together to make a square. Your faceplate is ready.

Attach the Faceplate to the Carcass

When your faceplate is ready, clamp it to the carcass and secure it into place by using nails.

Finishing the Job

When you have the structure completed, finish the pine kitchen cabinets with stain and polyurethane finish. Do not add the hinges and other cabinet hardware before completing the finishing process. Apply varnish after you stain for a smooth finish. When the varnish is dry, attach the hinges to the doors and install the other hardware. Your project is complete, your work is done here.