How to Build Sandstone Patio Steps How to Build Sandstone Patio Steps

What You'll Need
Crushed Rock
Stone Cleaner
Sandstone Slabs
Thinset Mortar Mix
Plastic Sheet
Measuring Tape
Wood Sheet of same measure as Slabs

Sandstone patio steps add a unique beauty to your patio. They serve as an entry to the patio and accentuate the look of the patio. Making patio steps is not as tough as it sounds. A little determination and a systematic working method will help you build them quickly. This not only saves cost, but also allows you to add personal designs and touches to the patio steps. While any rock can be used for construction, sandstone is an inexpensive option.

Step 1: Deciding the Height of the Stairs

You can decide how high you want the steps to be. Make sure that the height you choose makes the steps look neat. You can have fewer steps with more height, or more steps with lesser height. Now measure the area and height of your patio and also the height of each step. Next, divide the patio height by the step height to calculate the number of steps you need to build. Next, multiply the number with the height of each step for the total area that they will cover.

Step 2: Making the Ground Ready

Use a shovel to dig out the place where you want to build the steps. Dig to a depth of at least 8 inches. A deep foundation ensures a secure formation. Make certain the surface is level with pebbles. Line the area with some broken rocks to make a platform like structure. Insert a board on it; that is the step form. It is best to work in warm weather with mild breeze. If there is any possibility of rain, it is best to postpone your patio step building plans for another day.

Step 3: Laying the Sandstone Slabs

Purchase sandstone slabs from a mason shop, after making sure that you have taken the proper measurements. Wash them with a cleaner meant for concrete and sandstone. This contributes to hardening the sandstone and making it more durable.

Make a mortar out of a thinset mortar pack. Add as much water as the mixture can hold without making it too lumpy or runny. Now spread this with a trowel over the foundation layer. Lay the first set of sandstone slabs and fill in the gaps with sand filler. Keep adding layers of crushed stone to increase the height and cover up with another set of slabs. Keep adding mortar to ensure proper joining. Repeat this until all the steps you want are built.

Step 4: Finishing the Steps

Cover the steps with a sheet of plastic and sprinkle water at 2 hour intervals for one full day. Keep repeating until the mortar between the slab joints sets. Once this is completed, allow it to dry for a days and then you can begin to walk on your steps.

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