How to Build Security Storm Doors

house with security storm door
  • 8-12 hours
  • Advanced
  • 400-900
What You'll Need
Circular saw
Tape measure
Staple Gun
C clamps
1.25-inch lumber
Wood glue
Carpenters square
1-inch nails

You can add security storm doors to keep your home and family safer. These types of doors are designed to keep out not only inclement weather but also intruders. Follow the simple steps below to build effective secure storm doors in a day or weekend.

Measure the Door

First, measure the door frame to find out what size door you need. Take the measurements from the top of the door casing to the bottom, and measure again across the middle of the door. From these measurements, you can plan the correct door frame.

Cut Parts

Cut your lumber to the correct width. Lay all of the pieces in the position in which you will need them to create the frame. When the boards are in the correct position, mark the places where you will cut the joints.

Cutting the Joints

Insert a board at a time into the jig that guides the circular saw. Set the depth of the saw so that it cuts at a depth that is equal to at least half the width of the board. Repeat this process for the other cut line. Now, use your chisel to clean out and remove any excess pieces to smooth out the joint. Repeat this process for all joined areas on the boards.

Assemble the Door

Assemble the door to ensure that all parts fit together. You may need to run some boards through the saw again to make more room in the joint. If the joint is too large, you will need to cut again using a new piece of wood. If all the pieces fit well, you can use some wood glue to secure them in place. Allow time for the glue to dry, and set using clamps to keep the frame in place. The best clamp to use is called a C clamp.

When everything is in place, you must ensure that the door frame is square. You can do this using 1 of 2 methods. The first is to use your carpenter’s square and check each corner. The second method is to measure the diagonals of the frame. If all diagonals are the same, the door is square.

Installing a Screen

With the inside of the storm door facing you, staple the screen to the back of the door frame. To do this, roll the entire screen over the door, staple, and cut the excess screening.

Installing Hardware

Finish the storm door by installing hinges. Put the door in place and attach the hinges to the door casing around the door. Use small screws to attach the desired handle.