How to Build Shelves in a Closet How to Build Shelves in a Closet

What You'll Need
Graph Paper
Shelf Brackets (must be as big as the depth of the closet)
Wall Anchors with Screws
Wood Boards (1x10 inch)

Building shelves in a closet by yourself can be a cost effective, simple, and easy way to add additional storage space to the room. The project can be completed using simple power tools, some wood, and some effort.

Most items that do not find a proper place to be kept find themselves dumped in a closet. To organize the closet, consider installing shelves to ensure an easy and convenient method for organizing your belongings. These shelves can hold large and small, heavy and light items as per their requirement.

This article outlines a simple method for designing a closet shelf that is six feet wide and can be easily installed in any standard-size closet. Shelves in a closet can be made from wood planks, plastic, or wire. However, for the purpose of this article, wood planks are used to construct the closet shelf.

Step-by-Step Instructional Guide to Build the Shelves in the Closet

Step Number 1: Drawing a Rough Plan on Paper

Measure the width, depth and height of the closet using a tape measure. Double-check the measurements before moving to the next step. According to the measurements, use the graph paper to draw a rough plan of how the shelf would be constructed. The paper plan must also include the number of shelves that must be constructed in the closet, their location in the closet, distance between the shelves, and the depth of each closet. Most shelves are at least 12 inches deep.

Step Number 2: Safety Gear

Ensure you are well protected with safety gear. Wear goggles and gloves before starting the work to avoid any accidents.

Step Number 3: Make Pencil Markings

Make marks on the closet with the help of a pencil. These marks will point out where the shelves would be placed in the closet.

Step Number 4: Mounting Shelf Brackets

Mount the shelf brackets on the closet surface and screw each bracket using wall anchors and screws. It is advisable to space the brackets at least 12 to 15 inches apart to ensure they can hold the weight of the shelves and the items kept on the shelves.

Step Number 5: Cutting the Wood Board

Cut the wood boards as per the width of the closet. Use a circular saw to cut off any extra wood on the board. It is a good idea to ask the salespeople at the hardware store to cut the wood boards as per your requirement. The wood generally used by most homeowners is plywood. However, you may consider installing expensive wood like oak wood to make it look proficient.

Step Number 6: Attaching the Shelves to the Brackets

The shelf brackets contain small screw hole openings at the bottom. Use wood screws to attach each shelf to the brackets so that they do not fall due to the weight of the items kept on the shelf.

Step Number 7: Add Fittings to the Shelves

Add fittings like rods to hang clothes, and drawers to store small items in the shelves.

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