How to Build Solar Screens

What You'll Need
Staple gun
Measuring tape
Hand saw
Wood frame
Carpenters glue
Screen spline
Aluminum solar screen kit

Solar screens are quite popular as they help reduce energy costs and keep structures cool. There are a wide variety of materials considered as solar screens, and it is not difficult to design and create one for home use. Follow the simple steps below to build your own solar screen.

Step 1 – Preparing the Solar Screen Frame

Measure the length and width of your old window screen frame. This will be the basis for the size of the solar screen frame that you will be making. Cut the wood frame according to the measured size. Make sure that the ends of each wood are cut in a 45-degree angle. To get accurate measurements of the angles on the frame edge, use a protractor. Cut the marked edge using a hand saw.

Arrange the wood pieces to form a rectangular shape, but before you apply glue, ensure that you have removed any burrs formed during the cut. Apply some carpenter’s glue in between ends of the wood to stick them together. Support this with staple for rigid fastening. For ease of insertion, assemble first the longer sections then insert the assembly to shorter sections. If you need to install a crossbar, make sure that its size fits into the width of the screen. Then install it into the frame by clipping each side on the frame. It is important that the clip is snug fit to the crossbar.

Step 2 – Cutting the Solar Screen

Based on the measurements of the wood frame, create an outline of the frame on the solar screen material. Add 1 to 2 inches to the measurements of all sides of the frame so that you can still insert the solar screen into the grooves of the frame. Follow the outline made on the screen, and cut the screen according to the size needed.

Step 3 – Insertion of the Solar Screen on the Frame

Lay the solar screen over the rectangular frame. Insert the screen on the grooves of the frame. Make sure that the spline groove of the screen are  facing out.  Begin at the topmost middle part and staple it to give you anchorage while pulling the other sides. Pull the lower part of the solar screen towards the middle section of the lower part of the frame. Staple this end to the frame. Make sure that it is tight enough and has a snug fit. Do this to all the rest of the solar screens.  Trim extra solar screen that emerges out of the edges of the frame. Cut any excess screen on the back edge of the frame and not on the spline.