How to Build Stadium Seating in your Man Cave

What You'll Need
One sheet of 1/2 inch plywood, 4 by 8 feet
8 pieces lumber, 8 feet long, 2 by 4 inches
Tape measure
Wood saw
Box of wood screws
Power screwdriver

Every man needs a man cave at home. It’s a place to think, relax, watch movies or hang out with the guys to enjoy a football game or some baseball. One thing that will make the fourth quarter seem more realistic is if you have stadium seating in your man cave. It’s as close to the real thing as you can get. In some cases, it’s even better! There’s no cold, no rain, snacks are close at hand and the seating will be a lot more comfortable. You don’t even need special seats. All you have to do is arrange the seats on two levels. You will need to create a platform. As long as your man cave is big enough, it’s an easy project to do yourself. 

Step #1 - How Big a Platform?

Your platform should be wide enough to accommodate a loveseat, a futon or two armchairs. Any wider and you’ll need too many supports. There should be ample room at the sides to climb on and off the platform. Five feet in length should be the maximum and no more than three feet wide. Measure the dimensions on the plywood and cut it, then set aside until later.

Step #2 - Cutting the Lumber

You don’t want your platform too high; 18 inches off the ground is ample to allow two levels for the platform and the ground. Mark four 18 inch lengths on the lumber and cut them. These will be the legs. Next, cut four 5 foot lengths of lumber and another four that are 2 feet 9 inches long.

Step #3 - Building the Frame

Screw two of the 5 foot long pieces of timer to the plywood, attaching by the 2 inch side. You should insert the screws 6 inches apart for stability. Next, screw in the 2 feet 9 inch pieces to the remaining sides. You can now take the legs pieces. Screw one inside each corner made by the lumber. Screw into both the plywood and the lumber so they fit tightly and evenly.

With that done, measure and mark a point 2 inches up each leg. Line up one of the remaining 5 foot lengths of wood so the bottom of it is against the mark. Attach with screws. Repeat on the other legs with the last 5 foot length of wood. Now attach the final two smaller pieces at the sides on the same level.

Step #4 - Bracing the Platform

The platform for your man cave stadium seating is almost complete. But you still need to add bracing to the plywood so it will support the seating and people. Turn the platform upside down and measure the distance from front to back inside the lumber that’s attached to the plywood. Measure and mark on your remaining lumber then cut to size.

To fit the bracing, measure 18 inches in from the edge and attach the first piece. Screw the ends to the lumber frame. Repeat with the second piece, measuring in 18 inches from the other edge. Next, measure the distance between and attach the last piece in the middle.

Finally, turn the platform over and screw through the plywood to secure all three pieces of bracing. Finally, put the platform where you want it and add your seating!