How to Build the Best Solar Hot Dog Cooker of All Time

What You'll Need
Small cardboard box (such as a shoe box)
Thick scrap cardboard
Sheet of thin card
Aluminum foil
Metal skewer
Stanley knife
Duct tape

Building a solar hot dog cooker will not only help you to save money through reduced energy use, but is also a great a tool for safely teaching children about cooking practices. Following some steps to create the cooker will enable to construct a practical and environmentally friendly appliance. 

Step 1 – Gather Correct Equipment

The first step required to enable you to build a solar hot dog cooker is to gather the necessary equipment. This will not only ensure that everything you need is to hand during the construction process, but will also allow you to check it to make sure that it is all correct for the task. The more appropriate the equipment, the better the result. A box that is narrower than a shoe box can also be used for the process, as long as it is approximately ten to twenty inches long.  

Step 2 – Prepare Box

After positioning the box on a solid surface, use a tape measure to find the center of the inside surface of each end and mark it with a pencil. From this center point, measure a distance of one or two inches below this point, depending on the size of the box, and mark it off with a pencil. Use these marks as the pinnacle point of a curved line that you will draw to join both top corners to each other. Make sure the resulting semi oval shape is equally sized on both sides. Cut along the curved line with a Stanley knife without taking the blade to the edges.   

Step 3 – Create Base

Measure out a piece of thin card so that is equal in size to the base of the original cardboard box. Cut this shape out and curve it to enable you to insert it into the box of the solar hot dog cooker so that it fits against the cut lines. Apply some duct tape along the edges to secure it into place. Cut out a piece of aluminum foil the same size as the piece of card before applying some glue to the curved surface using a spatula. Stick the foil to the glue, gradually smoothing it down to avoid wrinkles and tears. Leave it to dry.

Step 4 – Add Supports

The skewer of the solar hot dog cooker will require additional support to secure it. Cut two pieces of thick cardboard are at least an inch square but can be the size of the sides. Use some glue to attach these centrally to each side. Leave these to dry before carefully punching a hole through both sides using a metal skewer.

Step 5 – Instructions for Use

Thread a hotdog onto the skewer before fitting it into place and leaving the solar hot dog cooker in the sun. Keep an eye on it at all times. Ensure that some of the skewer remains outside so that you can turn it every few minutes so that it cooks evenly. When you notice that the meat sizzles or splits open, it is ready to serve.