How to Build Window Awnings

What You'll Need
2-2x4 of approximately 8 feet in length.
1-2x6 of 10 foot length.
3-1x64 of 8 foot length.
1 box of 2.5 inch wood or drywall screws.
6 stucco lags with inserts
Masonry bit properly sized for stucco lag inserts.
1/8 inch drill bit suitable for wood
Carpenters square
Carpenters pencil
Saw-hand or circular
Sandpaper with 120 and 200 grit
Sanding block
Paint or stain as desired
A torpedo level

Window awnings can be made from a variety of materials. Pre-made awning can be found in aluminum and a variety of wood styles. This article will describe the steps required to make a window , assuming a 6 inch slat and an awning of 4 foot width.

      Step 1: Build the Bracket Mounts

      Cut the 1x6’s in half, making 6 pieces of 4 feet length each. Cut the 8 foot 2x4 boards into 1 piece of 3 foot length and one piece of 4 foot length. Discard the excess. Cut the 2x6 in half, making 2 pieces of 5 foot length. At 1 end of one of these lengths, cut a 30 degree angle towards the top. At the other end, cut a 60 degree angle toward the bottom. Measure the angles from the same side.  

      Cut the other 5 foot 2x6 in a mirror image of the first. Place the 4 foot length of wood against the end of the 3 foot length in the shape of an ‘L’. Pre-drill pilot holes and use wood screws to secure the 2 pieces together in the ‘L’ shape. Do the same thing for the other side.

      Step 2: Mark and Cut Slat Locations

      With the short length on the ground, attach the 5 foot length to the previously assembled “L” frame. Make sure the angles you cut are towards the long length and the ground. Starting from the top, mark lines level to the ground 2 inches long. From the back end of these lines, mark vertical lines to the edge of the board. You should have a number of “L” shapes marked.

      Cut these notches out and repeat on the other bracket, using the first as a template. Use sandpaper to finish these cuts to ensure proper fit of the slats.

      Step 3: Prepare for Paint

      Before assembling, it is advisable to completely sand all pieces of wood and the assembled frames in preparation for paint or staining.

      Then, determine where you want the awnings located, in relation to the window, and mark appropriately. Drill holes for lag screws in the frame vertical piece, which will go against the wall. Pre-drill the wall with the masonry bit for the lag inserts. Secure lag inserts in wall at this time.

      Step 4: Apply Finish

      Now is the time to either paint or stain your awnings. This way you won’t get any stain or paint on the wall of your house.

      Step 5: Assemble Slats

      After allowing ample time to dry, it’s time to assemble your awnings. Fit each slat in place, one at a time, pre-drill and securely install wood screws of at least 3 inch length, 2 per slat.

      This project can be completed in about 3 or 4 hours.