How to Build Window Seat Storage Shelves

What You'll Need
Shelving units
Book case units or side shelving units
Crown molding
Decorative hardware
Pillow Forms
Needle and thread
Sewing machine
2x4 and 2x6 lumber
Prefinished molding

A window seat is an attractive piece for any room and window seat storage provides extra functionality for any room. Adding window seats with a storage solution is very easy to accomplish.

Step 1:– Find the Perfect Window

Unless you have an older home with deep window sills or dormers, you will need to start to hunt around your home for the perfect window. Pick a window that has ample wall space on either side. Also, choose a window that can become the focal point for your room. The window will naturally become a conversation piece and should play a role for relaxation, book reading and casual conversation.

Step 2: Build the Perimeter

Build the base for your window seat storage out of your 2x4 and 2x6 lumber pieces. The height of your base should equal that of your baseboard. The depth of your base should equal the same depth as your kitchen cabinets, excluding the extra depth for the kitchen cabinet doors. Fasten the base together with screws. Using a level, insure proper placement. Anchor the base into the wall.

Step 3: Assemble the Shelving

Assemble the shelving onto your fame. Center the shelving under your window space for a proper look and feel. Clamp together and level to ensure they are flush with one another. Fasten the shelving together using heavy-duty screws, such as screws used for installing drywall.

Assemble and install the side shelving boxes. You have already assembled and installed the shelves that will provide your seating. Now install the two shelving units (which generally should be higher than your seat) on either side of the seat. Attach these cabinets to the frame. Make sure they are level and secure.

Step 4: Install Bookcases

Put together your bookcase shelving. Install the bookcase shelving on top of your side cabinets. To create equality, install a bookcase shelf on either side of your window seat. This will develop uniformity with your overall display piece. Fasten with screws.

Step 5: Attach Prefinished Molding

For a custom-built look, purchase prefinished molding at your local home improvement center. Fasten the prefinished molding to the ends of the book cases. Attach the molding with glue or molding cement.

Step 6: Install Baseboard Molding

Install baseboard molding to cover the frame. Either paint the baseboard molding to match the other molding in the home, or stain it to match your newly created window seat shelving and book cases.

Step 7: Create Your Cushy Window Seat

Using a staple gun, wrap fabric around your window seat pad and attach your window seat pad to the top of the window seat. Create complimentary pillows by wrapping fabric around the pillow forms. Set them on top of your window seat cushion and fluff your pillows to add style and comfort.