How to Build Wooden Decorative Shutters How to Build Wooden Decorative Shutters

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Six 1-by-4 cedar boards slightly longer than the length of the window
Six 1-by-4 cedar boards, each at least 15 inches long
Wood sealer
Small box of 3/4-inch screws
Handful of 2-inch screws
Screw gun

There are a number of different ways and styles to use decorative shutters in a house. Decorating the wooden shutter is one of the ways to make your house could look beautiful and stylish. A number of different styles are available for this. Some of them include ready-made decorative wooden shutters that can be bought from the store and just hung next to the window. Another variety is the home-made wooden decorative shutters. Just follow the steps mentioned below in order to build a wooden decorative shutter.

Step Number 1: Measurement

Measure the height of the window from the outside of the window frame. Then, with the help of a saw, make sure that the six long pieces of cedar wood are cut. Ensure that the wood pieces are 2 inches longer than the measurement of the height of the window frame. Take an example of a 40 inch window from the top to the bottom of the frame; this makes the boards 42 inches.

Step Number 2: Cutting

The next step is to cut the six short pieces at about 11 ½ inches each, which will be called the battens. These help in raising the surface of the window shutter.

Step Number 3: Placing Pieces

Then, get hold of the three long pieces of wood and place them on the workbench. There should be about ½ inch space right between them. Then,  lay down one of the short pieces at the middle on the workbench in such a manner to ensure that the 11 ½ inch piece covers them exactly.

Step Number 4: Sinking Screws

The next step is to sink the ¾ inch screws right into the short board. Ensure that the nails are place at each point where it crosses the long boards. Attach two other short boards, with one 6 inches right from the top, and the other 6 inches from the bottom. Make sure that this process is repeated for the second window shutter as well.

Step Number 5: Wood Sealant

Once sinking the screws has been completed, spay a coat of wood sealant right on top of the wood and dry it completely.

Step Number 6: Placing Shutter

The next step which needs to be performed is to set the first shutter right next to the window, with the pieces facing out and 1 inch hanging at the bottom. Make sure that it is set in such a way that the edge of the window shutter is about ½ inch from the edge of the window frame.

Step Number 7: Use Screw Gun

Lastly, utilize a screw gun and 2 inch screws to attach the shutter to the siding, and screw a few inches down from each of the corners. Make sure that the same step is repeated for the second shutter as well on the other side.

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