How to Build Your Own Box Scraper

What You'll Need
Saw (manual or electric)
Spool rule
Safety mask
Work B\bench
Plywood, 1/2 inch
Metal spray primer
Urethane spray paint
Working gloves
Safety goggles
Framing nails
Metal corner braces
Aluminum molding, 1/2 inch
2 cinder blocks
Eye bolt & clamp set, 4 pieces
S hooks, 4 pieces
Heavy galvanized chain, 7-feet; 4 pieces

The heavy duty metal types of box scraper found in machinery stores are certainly built to last, but will cost you a lot. If you are leveling up your lawn with loose soil and plan to build a box scraper yourself, there is a way to spare you hours of labor from welding and attaching various metal parts. Just follow the simple steps below.

Step 1 – Get the Work Area Ready

Clear off working area enough to work around when cutting the plywood. Remove loose material pieces to prevent from tripping off. A work bench will help in setting up the plywood when sawing. When using electric saw, ensure this is safely set aside when not in use and keep loose power cord tucked. Ensure that the area is well-ventilated to ensure your safety since the activity sets off spray paint fumes.

Step 2 – Build the Main Box

Get the width of your lawn tractor across the outer side of the wheels. This will become the length of the box. Draw the measured length into the plywood and make a rectangle by measuring 18-inches across as its width. Saw the plywood. Once done, use this piece as pattern and draw similar size material into the plywood. Cut this to make 2 pieces. Make 2 squares from the remaining plywood measuring 18-inches at each side. Join the two long pieces using hammer and framing nails between the longest sides of each piece in right angles (forming an “L” shape). Fix corners with corner braces to reinforce all five fastened sides of the box scraper. Fix the aluminum molding rail to all sides of the box to protect the edge of the plywood.

Step 3 – Attach the Hook

Attach the clamp into each corner of the open front side of the box scraper. Insert the eye bolt into the clamp and tighten the nut to ensure this is fixed. Attach the four 7 foot lengths of heavy chain using the "S" hooks to each eye bolt. This is now ready to be hitched into the back of the lawn tractor.

Step 4 – Apply Protective Sealant

Put on face mask and spray the entire box surface with metal primer to seal the wood material. Let the primer dry. Apply durable urethane paint like those used for outdoor deck. This will seal the box scraper and protect it for years of use. You may also put the two cinder blocks into the box scraper. These two cinder blocks will provide enough weight for the box scraper to serve its purpose.

Step 5 – Finishing up

Clean up all remaining debris and safe keep the remaining primer and paint. These may serve yet for another project in the future.