How to Build Your Own Crab Trap

For you crab lovers who like old fashioned way, here is how to build your own crab trap: Just have in mind that you are not going for the big ones out there, because it could turn up being a little bit dangerous if you are nervous, or if it's your first time, and are not familiar with the fast reactions that crabs usually have for self protection.

Materials needed:

  • 5 Grid Panels
  • Rope
  • Steel Circle
  • Plastic Triangle
  • Knife or a Pair of Scissors
  • Tape Measure

Step 1- Where to Buy the Material

All these things are easy to find at home. They are sometimes forgotten and left over in a corner, or a tool box. However, let’s think that you don’t have any of these, so going to your local Home Depot or fishing store would be a good idea. Some other places do deliver to your home, if you don’t feel like moving, or somehow do not know how to get there. The only items that could cost you a significant amount are the grid panels, but they won't definitely hurt your pocket.

Step 2- Go for The Grid Panels

First of all, the grid panels can be made of chrome or plastic coated steel. You know that they often come altogether in the form of cube walls. But, for this time we are going for the model that has separated walls. With this, it would be easier for the crab to enter once laid down on the water. It's also easier for you to pull it out in one second when catching crabs. Make sure to get the size that fits well for your crabbing hunt, since only one limited amount of them could get inside. Later on in this article, we’re going to explain how this works.

Step 3- Go for The Rope

For this next piece, go for non-metallic ropes. They're very easy to find, and you won’t need too much of it; just enough to put together the grid panels and other pieces for the pulling part of the trap. If you want, make sure you acquire the panels and the rope both in the same color. This way, you grant some touch of camouflage once the crab trap is ready for hunting. If not, it’s ok too, it will work.

Step 4- Go for The Steel Circle

A steel circle, or any article with a circle shape like a donut, will do great. Just make sure it is not so big. One of 4 to 6 inches in diameter is a good size, and will be useful enough. If you go for a big one, things might get uncomfortable. If not, a plastic triangle item will do great too. This is to give a space for the ropes to be tied up on your crab trap. 

Step 5- Building The Trap

Put the grid panels close on the floor, forming like a plus sign. Place one in the center and four around it. Use a little bit of rope to tie them up around the corners, not too tight, but loose enough for them to move freely once joined. Then, lift the walls forming the cube shape. Now, this all will look like a cube trap. Leave it like that, and cut four pieces of of 3 to 4 times the size of the cube. Tie them up to the exact center line of the upper side of the panels. Then, go to the other side and tie the trap along on the steel circle. To finish, cut another piece of rope to your convenience, or arm size, long enough to pull up the whole structure in one move. There you have it; a hand made crab trap.

You just need to put it down, then when the crab is inside, you just need to pull up the rope, and the crab will be caged.