How to Build Your Own Curtain Rod How to Build Your Own Curtain Rod

What You'll Need
A dowel, to use as the main rod
Finials, to decorate the rod ends
Hand saw
Measuring tape
Clear varnish or wood wax
Hooks, to attach the dowel to the wall
Curtain rings
Rubber gloves
Face mask

You can save money on home decoration by making your own curtain rod. The process is fairly simple and with the right amount of creativity on your part, an aesthetically pleasing product can be made. The article below will guide you through the essentials of making your own curtain rod, but keep in mind that there is no limit to how creative you can be.

Step 1 – Take Necessary Precautions

Building a curtain rod, however easy, requires you to work with wood, cutting tools, and chemicals for use on the wood. For each of these items, you should wear rubber gloves for safety. This ensures that you don’t get an allergic reaction from the chemicals and saves your hands from loose splinters. When cutting the rod, make sure that you wear a face mask to protect your lungs from wood dust. Work on a stable workbench, placed in a well-lit and ventilated area. With these precautions in mind, move on to building yourself a piece of art.

Step 2 – Taking Appropriate Measurements

This is a very crucial step and determines the finish of the end product. Use a measuring tape to measure the size of your window. These measurements are to be referred to when purchasing a dowel and curtains. Buy a dowel that is a few inches longer than the length of your window. Note down these calculations on paper to use at the store.

Step 3 – Buying the Correct Materials

With an idea of what you need, go to the nearest hardware store. Firstly, buy a dowel of appropriate length. You don’t need to be specific about the length because you can saw the rod later on. You will also need to buy a pair of finials, to use as decorations at the end of the rod. Go through all the designs that they have and choose one that goes with the theme of your home. Also, purchase curtain rings and hooks that coincide with the diameter of the rod. To sand and polish the dowel, buy sandpaper and clear wood wax or varnish respectively. To attach the rod to the wall, purchase screws of an appropriate size and their corresponding wall anchors.

Step 4 – Prepping the Dowel

Cut down the dowel according to your measurements, and sand using a sandpaper. This will prep the surface of the dowel for varnish or waxing and leave it with a clean, finished look. Apply two or more coats of clear wax or varnish using a cleaning rag until the desired level of shine is reached.

Step 5 – Finishing Up

Screw on one of the finials at one end of the rod first and insert the proper amount of curtain rings before screwing on the second finial at the other end. Use a drill to make shallow holes in the wall for anchors. Screw in the hooks that hold the rod in to the anchors. After the rod is attached, hang the curtains to complete your project.

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