How to Build Your Own Fire Pit Table

A fire pit table is warm news for all those who wish to spend longer hours outdoors during the chilly months. Instead of fishing out huge amounts for the fashionable fire pit table from the upscale store, you can build one at home over a weekend.

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • 4 Wooden Boards
  • Glue
  • Band Saw
  • Pencil
  • Compass
  • Ready Mortar Mix
  • Fire Pit Bowl
  • Wood Bits
  • Drill
  • Screws

Step 1: Making the Table

You need to make a table in order to modify that into a fire pit version. The wood to be used for the table has to be chosen with care. It has to be water proof, moisture resistant and also resistant towards termites and other insects. Redwood or cedar is a good choice. You could also go along with pressure treated varieties of wood.

Keep in mind, that the simpler the design of the table, the better. The main attraction is not supposed to be the wood table but the fire pit in it. Buy the boards of lumber you choose. The diameter of the table top is 24 inches, so make sure that the wood boards are at least 28 by 28 inches size. Place all the boards over one another and put glue on all the back sides of the boards so that they stick to each other. Clamp them up till the glue gets dried. The boards must firmly sit on each other. At the center of this block, mark a point with a pencil and draw a line of length 24 inches passing through this point. This is the top diameter. Use a carpenter’s compass to draw a circle around this. Cut out the shape with the help of a band saw. Each board must be 2 inches thick. The table top is now ready.

Step 2: Finishing the Table

Now you have to attach the table leg. Since it is a round table, you can purchase a pedestal base that matches with the top. It must be 10 inches thick. Apply glue on the top surface of the pedestal and attach it by aligning it to the frame at the underside of the table top. Your table is now ready. For making the frame, take a long wood bit of dimensions 21 by 7 inches and two smaller bits of 9.5 by 7 inches each. Place the long bit along the entire diameter of the wood top, on the underside. Now attach the two small pieces in a manner that the three pieces form an X-shaped structure. Secure them with glue applied on their undersides and attach to the top’s reverse surface. Drill holes at the ends of the bits, using an electric drill and put in drywall screws and tighten them up to the table top.

Step 3: Placing the Fire Pit Bowl

The diameter of the bowl is 10 inches. A fire pit bowl can be purchased from a home furnishing store. Mix some ready mortar mix so that the consistency is neither too flowy, nor too thick. Take some amount of the mix and put it on the center of the table top. Make sure that neither too little, nor too much cement is applied. The cement layer must be 3 inches thick. This is necessary for the pit bowl to sit in place and not wobble. Evenly apply it but do not smoothen it. Around the perimeter of the cement, place stone pieces and blocks of cinder and between the places where the stones and cinders are placed, put in cement so that they join up and get embedded. Now place the bowl in the center of this set up, before the cement starts becoming hard.

Step 4: Finishing Steps

Fill the bowl installed with wood and burning materials and light up the fire to see if the set up is causing problems. See if the table top is getting heated up. If all the steps are followed carefully, the fire pit table shall be picture perfect.