How to Build Your Own Folding Dog Crate

What You'll Need
4 rectangular wooden boards
2 square wooden boards
Skill saw
4 slide locks

Owning a folding dog crate is excellent way to potty train your puppy or dog. Buying a collapsible crate or portable crate brand new can get pricey.  If you are up to it, you can build one yourself and save a pretty penny. These instructions explain how to build a wooden, collapsible dog crate. Building a collapsible wire crate will take the help of a professional and defeat the purpose of doing it on your own, so wood it is.

Step 1

Determine what size crate you are going to need. Your dog will need to be able to move freely, but not too much for training purposes. Once you have decided on the size crate you want, you will need to go to a wood supply store and give them the dimensions you need. There, they will cut four rectangular pieces, these pieces will be the top, bottom and two sides. The two square pieces will go at either end.

Step 2

Once you have gotten your boards home, you are going to use your skill saw to carve out wooden bars.  This will allow the dog to breathe and look outside of the crate. The front door will need to be cut out as well.

Step 3

Use hinges for the front door and attach the slide lock to the door and the wall.  This is so the dog cannot get out after you let him in.  

Step 4

Place hinges on all of the side walls and attach them to the bottom wood panel. At this point you should be able to lift up all four sides and bring them back down with ease.  

Step 5

Attach the roof to one of the rectangular side panels with two hinges, one at either end. Now you will need to set up the crate so that you can attach three more slide locks, one for each side of the roof that does not have hinges.  

You Did It!

Now can easily collapse and open up your dog crate. Keep in mind that when you fold it, it will not fold evenly as the hinges were very likely all the same size. This DIY project probably cost you about $30 and about 2 hours of labor. Buying a collapsible or portable dog crate would have cost you at least three times what you spent making it yourself.


You may want to use a sander to smooth out those edges. Your puppy or dog may like to paw at it and they could get splinters.  

Once you have exhausted your need for a collapsible dog crate, you can easily turn your handy work into a dog house. You will simply need to reinforce it with a caulk of some sort and make sure that it is not toxic. You might also consider using extra plywood and screws.