How to Build Your Own Glass Executive Desk

What You'll Need
Desk base
Tempered glass
Clear polyurethane self-adhesive bumpers
Rubber bumpers
Glass cleaner

A glass executive desk can be very pricey when you purchase And not only is it expensive but sometimes you would have to settle for a design and style you do not really like but still have to purchase it simple because you need a glass desk to use in your office or home office. You can easily make you own glass executive desk using your own design. You can use your own personal style with it and you can really enjoy using it since you made it yourself. Since building your own desk is not rocket science, you still have to look around for the different parts for your desk and since it will be your own unique design, it will be one of a kind. Set up for your new desk will be a breeze just as long as you have all the required part for you new glass executive desk. It is important to have a design in mind, the size, the base and as soon as you have these materials, you can easily have your own glass executive desk in minutes.

Step 1 – Clean the Glass

Clean the tempered glass using glass cleaner. Pay special attention to the under side so you will not have to go on your knees and clean it later on when you have finished setting up your glass executive desk. Make sure that your glass is lying on a couple of towels to keep it stable and keep it from falling and breaking. Have someone there with you when you are setting up your desk. This tempered glass will be the table top of your desk.

Step 2 – Set Up the Base

Set up the table base where you want your desk to be located. Clean all the sides using appropriate cleaner depending on that material you got as your base for your desk. Also check for the desk base’s stability. If it wobbles you can apply rubber bumpers on the legs that is the source of the wobble.

Step 3 – Apply Bumpers

Apply the clear polyurethane self adhesive bumpers on all the corners of your desk base. This will help keep the glass from moving around the base since it is slippery. This will also help keep it there and avoid breaking and injuring yourself or other people in the process.

Step 4 – Position the Glass

Carefully lift the tempered glass and lay it on top of the desk base. Since this is your design position it the way you like but always keeping in mind to try and keep it center as much as possible. The weight of the tempered glass desk top will keep it stable on the desk base. No need for screws. The polyurethane helps keep the tempered glass in place.

Step 5 – Clean the Glass Again

Clean the glass once again since it might have accumulated a lot of fingerprints while you were setting it up.