How to Build Your Own RV Camera

What You'll Need
1.5-inch by 2.5-inch piece of Plexiglas
wireless baby monitor
2 screws self-tapping that will fit in "L" bracket.
L Bracket with 2 holes in each "L" that are in line (not offset)
Mounting bracket
3 1-inch bolts
3 washers (to fit the bolts)
A CD cover or piece of Plexiglas
Plastic ties
Cable holders with small screws.

An RV camera solves the challenge of seeing what is behind you when driving a vehicle as large as an RV. Backing up is easier and safer if you can clearly see the area. You can purchase a backup camera from a recreational vehicle supplier and use the installation instructions. If you are a do-it-yourselfer then you might want to make your own backup camera. One easy way to make the camera is to buy a wireless baby monitor. You will need to weather proof the monitor using the materials listed below.

Step 1 – Drill Mounting Holes

Before mounting the bracket to hold the monitor hold the monitor in the position where it will be mounted and make sure you can see from that spot clearly. Once you have determined the best position, mount the camera on the back of the RV. Attach the L bracket on the ladder between the steps by marking the position and drilling 2 pilot holes for the screws between the steps.

Step 2 – Mount the L Bracket

Mount the bracket lining it up with the pilot holes and screw it in. On the "L" that is facing parallel to the ground put the CD cover on the outermost hole. It will fit right up against the RV. Make sure the CD cover is facing down. Put the Plexiglas on top of the CD cover.

Step 3 – Mount the Monitor

Drill a hole using the outside hole in the bracket and put in one small bolt facing up. Attach the washer and the nut on the bolt and tighten.  Take the monitor out and attach it to the mounting bracket. Mount the monitor under the CD covers with the mount under the Plexiglas and align the mount to the Plexiglas. Mark and then drill 2 holes through the Plexiglas. Insert the bolts facing up into the monitor mount, CD cover and the Plexiglas. Put washers and nuts on.

Step 4 – Test the Monitor

Put batteries in the monitor camera and the monitor inside the RV. You may be able to get an adapter for the monitor that you can plug into the cigarette lighter. Test the wireless connection. Try actually backing up with it and see if any adjustments need to be made.

You can also use an inexpensive digital camera and a notebook computer with Bluetooth technology to make the same kind of back up camera. But you must protect it from the weather in a more weatherproof box. Being able to see around you especially behind you when driving a recreational vehicle will greatly improve the safety of your travels.