How to Build Your Own Security Access Control System

What You'll Need
RFID reader
Connecting wires
Glue gun
Electronic deadbolt
A voltage regulator
Project Box
IC socket

Building and installing your own security access control system is a project that requires commitment, some technical knowledge, and above all diligence. Our view on home security and safety has changed the last few years, because we tend to realize more and more that we need to protect our assets and the lives of the people we love as much as possible. Installing strong and smart access control systems to our house is an important part of perimeter security. If you are good with your hands and you like dealing with technical stuff, you can easily build your own security access control system such as a radio frequency identification system.

Step 1 – Install the Electronic Dead Bolt

The first thing you need to do is to install the deadbolt to your door. Make sure that there is enough space for you to place the RFID reader on the side of the deadbolt. Place the deadbolt this way so that you have the connecting wires facing the reader, because you will have to connect them to it later.

Step 2 – Wire the Reader

The reader has four pins that represent the different functions of the device. These are: Ground, Serial Out, Enable, and Common Collector Voltage. Solder a cable between the Enable and Ground pins. Screw the reader and the deadbolt on the door. Take the project box and cover the two devices opening holes where the wires are. Trim the plastic cover at these marks to ensure that the wires will not get cut or crushed. Screw the box on the door.

Step 3 – Connect the Keypad

Take the keypad and connect it to the RFID reader and then connect the deadbolt to the circuit panel. Take the IC socket and place it on the carrier board. Connect the input port to the voltage regulator and solder the reader’s lead wire to the output pins of the voltage regulator.

Step 4 – Program the Microprocessor

Your access control system works with a microprocessor. It is recommended that you buy a Basic Microprocessor which can be programmed in your computer. You should enter the number of people who are authorized to open the door, as well as the data on their IDs so that the reader can identify them and give them access. Install the microprocessor software on your computer and make sure that they are connected, so that you can manage the microprocessor from your computer at any time. Once this is done, you should install the processor to the carrier board, connecting the wires properly – you should follow the instructions of the microprocessor for the installation.

Extra Tip

Testing the reader and the microprocessor will help you determine if everything works properly. Once you have set up the system you should run some IDs over the reader and ensure that all authorized persons can actually use the access control system you have created.