How to Build Your Own T Square

What You'll Need
Wooden Ruler

The T-square is an instrument used in technical drawing, and is usually used for straight lines. Most commonly used by draftsmen, a number of home improvement hobbyists have decided that they would like to use this device themselves, and it is easily made by combining some household tools with objects that you can make yourself. If you need a T-square in order to complete some technical drawing, you want it for use on your own building project, or you think that this is something you would like to make, then you can get the T-square assembled in a spare afternoon, and use it right away.

Step 1 - Cut Your Wood

The first thing that you will need to do in order to get the best results for your T square is to cut out a block of wood. The finished length should be about half the side of the length of the ruler you will be using, and between two and three inches thick. You will need to make the long side of your block as straight as you can get it, so cutting on a lathe could be the solution. The other side of the block will need to be slightly curved, so that you get the final T shape for your tool.

Step 2 - Make a Hole

In order for the T-square to work, you will need to have a hole in the block large enough for it to slide over the ruler, but still keep in contact. The best way to do this is to make a hole in the middle of the piece of wood, just large enough for the ruler to fit into the hole, but only just, in order to prevent wobbling as you are making the drawing. You can cut the hole with a lathe, or you can make it using a small saw blade.

Step 3 - Slot Together

Take your ruler, and slot it into the hole so that the numbers are facing upwards, and the long half of the upright bar is facing to the right. You can then add a small screw at each end of the ruler, as this will prevent the bar from sliding off again. Blunt the ends of the screws with sandpaper once you have screwed them in, so that you prevent your paper being dimpled when you are using the T-square.

Step 4 - Finishing

Practice moving your ruler up and down the ruler a few times, in order to ensure that you have a good fit, and then rub the surface of the bar with a piece of sandpaper, in order to smooth down the wood and make it usable. If you wish to, you can also varnish this part of the square, although you shouldn't varnish the ruler as this may remove the measurements from the edge, and this would make the square useless.