How to Build Your Own Truck Bike Rack

a blue truck with a motorcycle mounted in the bed
  • 4-8 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 200-500
What You'll Need
Metal tubing/L piping lines
Wood (bike racks can also be carved out of wood)
Welding machine
Angle finder
Flat metal bar that has 1 inch dimensions
Metal cutter
Protective gear

A truck bike rack is an essential tool for all avid bikers who also own and drive trucks regularly. Biking in and around the city is an excellent way to stay fit but for those looking for new trails and adventures, moving out of the city limits and exploring new territory is an exciting proposition but one that is not easily carried out. If one has a truck with a solid bike rack it is very easy to shelve the bike in the truck and drive out of the city and then continue further on a bike.

This idea is also extremely attractive in terms of travel plans and trips. One can always carry a bike along with other luggage and use it to commute and sightsee within the new place. Building one’s own truck bike rack is a great way to save hundreds of dollars. One can adapt the rack to meet the specific measurements of one’s truck and ensure the desired quality without straining the budget. Learning how to build a truck bike rack is an extremely handy skill that needs some dedication, good instructions, and quality materials.

Step 1 - Choose the Material

Picking the material one wants to work with is the very first step in the process. Many people choose wood because it is a more flexible and adaptable material and better suited for beginners. However, wood tends to wear away quickly and it is more advisable to make a metal rack.

Step 2 - Note Measurements

Take down precise measurements of the area you want the bike rack to cover. While noting measurements it is important to remember that the rack should not obstruct the driver’s vision from any part of the rearview or the side view mirrors. Building a rack on top of the truck roof or on the back involves taking into account the amount of space one expects to extend beyond the frame of the vehicle itself.

Step 3 - Cut the Metal

The metal needs to be cut according to measurements. The side pieces should be placed in a square while the front and back portions should be fixed into the sides. The sides should all lay perpendicular to one another. The flat metal bar needs to be fixed into the center, joined from side to side. It should be positioned parallel to the rear and front bars. If one decides to use numerous cross-member bars they should be spaced at a distance of 16 inches from one another.

Step 4 - Weld

Weld the bars to one another using the welding machine. The base square bars and the top square bars should be welded to one another by joining them with the side bars. The support bars that you fix between the base square and top square need to be welded carefully at equidistant measurements.

Step 5 - Paint

This is the final step of the process. Paint the rack the color of one’s choice. Painting helps prevent rusting and also looks attractive. The rack will require two coats of paint. Make sure the paint has dried thoroughly before attaching the rack to the truck.