How to Build Your Own Welding Goggles

What You'll Need
UV protection tint (Shade 5)
Clear Safety Goggles
Black Spray Paint
Masking Tape
Black Electrical Tape
Corduroy cloth
Heat resistant glue

Welding goggles are a type of safety glasses which protect the eyes from welding particles. Safety goggles are used when handling power tools such as drills, chainsaws or blowtorches to protect the eyes from flying particles. This particular set of goggles protects the eyes from very bright flashing light caused by welding. Not wearing proper eye protection can result in "arc eye." Arc eye is a painful condition in which ultraviolet light causes inflammation in the eye, causing inflammation of the cornea or even burning the inside, rear wall of the eye known as the retina. It’s extremely important to wear welding goggles when you are welding. Below are steps on how to build your own welding goggles.

Step 1 - Spread Out the Paper

Spread out the newspaper in the surrounding area to protect it from the paint. Using the masking tape, cover the face portion of the clear safety goggles. Put masking tape in the front and inside portion of the clear safety goggles.

Step 2 – Spray Paint the Goggles

Spray paint the goggles on the inside and outside. Leave out to dry. Make sure the goggles are dry before proceeding to the next step.

Step 3 – Cover the Goggles

Take the black electrical tape and cover the inside of the clear safety goggles to ensure that the eyes are protected from any light that may come in from the sides.                                  

    Step 4 – Trace the Goggles

    Using the goggles as a template, trace the inner side of the goggles that touches the eye area on the corduroy cloth. From the traced outline, give a one and a half inch allowance going outwards. Cut out the pattern using the scissors. This cloth cut-out will to be glued around the eye piece to act as a buffer between the surrounding eye surface area and the goggles. This will inhibit the dust particles from entering the eye area from the sides.

    Step 5 – Remove the Tape

    Remove the masking tape from the face of the glass and the inner side of the goggles. Using the outer face of the goggles as a template, make a pattern on the tint so it can fit the glass of the goggles. Cut out the tint.

    Step 6 – Apply Tint

    Apply the tint on the lens of the goggles. Make sure the tint that you purchased is able to protect the eyes from heavy UV and infrared radiation. It is wise to learn about the different levels of welding goggles filter lenses. Standard welding jobs such as torch welding or medium gas welding will require a maximum of level 5 lens filter shade number. Heavy shielded arc welding may require a lens filter with level 10 to 14 shade numbers. Make sure there are no spaces on the lens that are not covered with tint.

    Step 7 – Check the Straps

    Check the head straps of the goggles; if it’s secure and tight when worn on the head. If not, adjust the straps to ensure there’s no space between the goggles and the face. A gap between the goggles and skin may allow particles to go in the eye area.