How to Build a Sauna Room

A sauna room is easy to build however there are some major factors that should be taken into place before diving right in. Besides the heater and wood there are several tools you should make sure you have before you begin.

• Hammer
• Level
• Square
• Countersink set
• Electric saw
• Electric drill
• Screw gun
• Caulking gun

After acquiring these items you should choose where you want to build your sauna room carefully. You should find a place near water that you can place it. This will allow you to cool off and be able to do sauna therapy if you so choose.

Also another important fact to take into place is the height of the sauna room. It should cover at least 45 square feet so that it will be tall enough for you to stand up in.

Changing an Old Room into a Sauna Room

If you decide to change an old room into a sauna there are a few things to keep in mind. The most important thing you must do is to take protective measures against any moisture that will be created from the sauna room. Also be careful with the wood you decide to make the room out of as not all wood is built to be moisture resistant.