How to Bullnose Wood Stair Treads

What You'll Need
Diamond Sand Paper (of various grits ranging from 50-3000)
Router or sander
Half- Round bit (purchased from hardware store)
Paint Brush

A Bullnose finish is often added to wood stair treads to enhance the aesthetics and elegance of any staircase. Moreover, it also reduces chances of injury when someone is climbing up the stairs. Adding a bullnose to wood stair treads is a fairly simple task and can be undertaken by yourself with the help of a few simple tools. The following sections will explain exactly how to bullnose wood stair treads.

Step 1 – Tips and Warnings

Before starting out, please do ensure you bear in mind a number of safety precautions. Firstly, always keep on hand a pair of rubber gloves which will protect you from any injury. Moreover, make sure eye goggles are worn during this activity when using any items such as routers and the sander. It must also be kept in that adding a bullnose to stairs that have already been installed is a slightly tricky task, and might require a considerable amount of time.

Step 2 – Anchor Wood

Now using the clamps, attach the piece of wood with the stair treads. Tightly clamp the wood and make sure it does not come loose.

Step 3 – Carve Out Wood with Router

Next, install the half round bit which should be readily available from a hardware store. However, do ensure that the half round bit is approximately half the thickness of the wood being used.  Start carving out the wood using the router however please be careful when undergoing this step as the router can prove to be dangerous if not used properly. Carve out the wood into a moon shape with the router. Now that one side has been cut, turn the wood around and start cutting the same moon shape with the router on the opposite side. Clamp it onto the wooden stair treads tightly.

Step 4 – Sand the Bullnose

Now that the bullnose has been carved out from the wood, the next step is to sand it before it is painted. Use diamond sandpaper and start sanding it gently. Do ensure that the surface of the bullnose is smooth before moving onto the next step.

Step 5 – Apply Primer

Now that the sanding is complete, add a coat of primer onto the bullnose part of the stairs. Wait for the first layer to dry before putting on another 2-3 coats. To ensure a smooth layer has been applied, a roller can be used instead of a paint brush as well.

Step 6 – Apply Paint

Once the primer has dried off, use a paint brush to paint the bullnose with your chosen color. 2-3 layers of paint should be applied in this step to ensure the paint has been applied properly. By this point your bullnose shall have been added to the wood stair treads, and should even match the interior of your house because of the paint applied. When the paint has dried, you can clean up the work area and enjoy your new finish.