How to Buy Decorative Wood Crown Molding

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Wood crown molding can act as a great accent with any style or size home. With a long list of choices, homeowners are able to choose a shade of wood that complements the rest of their decor. One of the biggest is whether it will be durable to withstand traffic or the elements, and another is cost.

Saving Money by Identifying Wood Types

Many people buy expensive things only to figure out that it may not be as resilient as they had hoped, or they find out that they don’t want it. In buying wood crown molding, you will want something that is stylish and affordable. One thing to consider is the type of wood species that you are dealing with, and you will want something that accentuates the type, whether it be hickory, oak, or another type.

Staining and the Bold Effect

Also, you will want to deliberate on how well these will stain, and how they take to paint. There are many types that do not do so well in this department, such as oak or cherry. Additionally, you will want to consider how bold you will want the wood crown molding, which usually ranges from 3 to 8 inches. The taller the crown is, the bolder the look is going to be. It also doesn’t hurt to find a bargain when shopping around for whatever you choose either.