How To Calculate Bathtub Refinishing Cost

a freestanding bathtub

As with any project, before you begin refinishing your bathtub, you should have a cost estimate. The key to getting an accurate estimate is to know what materials are required and how long the project should take to complete. By knowing these things in advance, you can better estimate the cost. Follow these steps to estimate the cost of refinishing your bathtub.

Refinishing vs Replacing

It is far less expensive to refinish your existing bathtub refinished than to replace it. Installing a brand new bathtub can easily cost you twice the amount of money you would pay to have your current bathtub refinished. Even if you are paying a professional to refinish your bathtub for you, the cost of the overall refinishing project will still be less expensive for you than the cost associated with purchasing and installing a new bathtub.


One of the simplest costs to estimate is the replacement cost of the faucets. Online research will show a price range between $25 and $50 for the new faucet set. Research your desired faucet set online while planning your project and you will know the exact cost of the faucet set before you start the project.

Refinishing Professionals

You get what you pay for. There are professionals who advertise a speedy and cheap refinishing job. With a little calculation, you can see that you might be sacrificing quality and reliability by choosing one of these job proposals. It is best to shop between reputable and licensed refinishing professionals.

You must also consider the cost of the materials, the hourly rate, and the number of working hours required for the project. Cleaning products, caulk, primer, plastic, tape, urethane, and gloves cost around $75 in total. There is no way around purchasing these materials for the job to be done correctly; therefore, you need to figure the cost of these items into your estimated total.

The next aspect to consider is the hourly rate charged by the professional and the number of work hours required. It should take between five and six hours to complete for the job to be completed correctly. There are waiting and curing times that cannot be shortened. When caulk or primer is applied, it must be dry before the next step in the process can start. There are no shortcuts to properly refinishing a bathtub.