How to Calculate Floor Area for Engineered Hardwood Installation

What You'll Need
Tape Measure

You can calculate the floor area for an engineered hardwood installation using a tape measure, pencil and paper. Calculating floor area involves measuring the entire area of a room, which is its length times its width. This will give you the total square footage for the room and make it easier to determine the amount of engineered hardwood flooring needed to complete the room's construction.

This process is accomplished using traditional pen and paper or you can use one of the many online floor calculators offered by  flooring companies.

Step 1: Measure the Area of the Room

Use the tape measure to measure the length and then the width of the room, making a note of the measurements. If the room is shaped irregularly, break it up into squares, measure the squares and then add them together. 

Step 2:  Calculate the Square Footage

With the length and widths calculated for the room, multiply the lengths and widths to come up with the square footage. With the separate square footage calculated, add them together (in the case of an irregularly shaped room) to come up with the total square footage.

Step 3: Calculate the Amount of Flooring Needed

The square footage that you calculated is used to determine the amount of flooring necessary for your room. In the example above, a room 10 feet by 10 feet is 100 square feet in total square footage. If the deck boards are 12 x 6 inches (length by width) this would indicate that twice as many boards are needed to fill the room as oppose to boards that are 12 x 12 inches length by width.

The online calculator will help you approximate the exact amount of flooring needed.