How to Calculate Heat Pump Installation Costs

A heat pump is a convenient way to keep the house warm during winter and cool during summer. Learning how to calculate the overall cost of heat pump installation will help you determine whether or not it is advisable to install the pump or to retain two separate systems; the furnace and air conditioner. Some heat pumps use air as a source of heat while others use the ground as the source. Calculating the cost of installation of a heat pump is easy. You need to consider a number of factors.

Step 1. Get the Actual Cost of Heat Pump

The cost of the heat pump is the first consideration to make while calculating your overall cost of heat pump installation. Several factors determine the cost of the pump.

Heat Pump Capacity. A large heat pump is obviously going to cost more than a smaller one. When heating a large area, calculate the cost of purchasing a large pump that will cover the whole area.

Type of Heat Pump. Heat pumps that use the underground as a source of heat are more efficient but tend to cost more than the air source pumps. Remember to calculate the cost of pipes for the underground pumps depending on how deep and long you want to locate them. There is also a huge cost difference between new heat pumps, which cost more and second hand ones. While second hand pumps may seem more pocket friendly, new ones are safer to invest in as they come with a warranty as well as the assurance of the brand you decide to purchase.

Season of Purchase. Heat pumps are bound to cost more during the onset of winter and summer as this is when they are in high demand. While calculating the cost of heat pump installation, use the actual figure of the cost as the figures change from time to time depending on demand for the product.

Step 2: Include the Cost of Professional Installation

Installing a heat pump is a difficult process, which will require the services of a professional. After purchasing the pump, calculate how much the installer will charge you for his services. Some companies will have the cost of the heat pump combined with that of installation. Remember to find out every detail from the manufacturer about the combined costs of purchase and installation.

Step 3: Add Servicing Cost

Some companies will include the cost of regular servicing of your heat pump to the overall cost of purchase. In such a case, evaluate the cost of the service in relation to the overall cost of the heat pump. If the fee is too high, you have the option of buying from another company or getting the services from a cheaper company.

Step 4: Compare Catalogs

After acquiring information on determinants of the cost of heat pump installation, obtain catalogues from different companies. Compare the installation costs. Go with the company that offers a heat pump package that is most efficient for your home needs and cost range.