How to Calculate Wedding Cake Costs How to Calculate Wedding Cake Costs

Wedding cake costs can add up pretty quickly, but there are ways to budget and still get the cake of your dreams. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Number of Guests

You will need to estimate the number of guests you will have. This way you know how big of a cake you will have to order to serve all your guests. As a preliminary count, go through the guests list and add up who you think will definitely be there. Give this number to your baker. As the wedding gets closer and the RSVP are in, you can give a more accurate count. Cake prices are usually listed as per person. So if you have 50 people and the cake is $5 a slice, the cake should run around $250. Make sure you get someone who knows how to cut cake to ensure enough slices.

Type of Cake

The type of cake you choose will be a determining factor on price. Fondant types of cake typically are more expensive than the traditional frosting styles. The more tiers you have the pricier it is going to get. Expect to pay more money if you want cake stands to showcase your cake. If you keep the same filling and flavor for the different tiers it will be cheaper than switching it up. The price will also depends on the type of cake topper you choose.

Ways to Save

If the costs are adding up because the guest list is long, there are some easy solutions. Get the fondant cake you desire and go with sheet cakes for the other guests. This way, in pictures you have a gorgeous cake, but your wallet won't be empty. If you use flowers to decorate the cake instead of fondant you are going to save. You may also want to consider doing cupcakes instead. They are often times cheaper and are a very modern way to save money. 

Don't Forget

Sometimes, when budgeting for the cake you forget about other costs associated with it. To showcase your cake, you will need a table. Don't forget to order linens for the cake table when you place your order for your other linens. Decorations around the table should also be taken into consideration. You may want to add tea light candles or flower petals to accent the table. You will also need to factor in the costs for the cake plates, forks and napkins. Make sure to tell the photographer about pictures you want of the cake.

Hidden Costs

As with most things related to weddings, when they can throw in a charge, they will. Oftentimes the reception hall will charge a cake cutting fee. This can be a one time charge or they may charge it by the slice. Sometimes it is required to have them cut the cake. Check the fine print and be sure to ask about your venue. You can ask your baker how much they charge to cut the cake and see which ends up being cheaper. 

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