How to Calibrate a Digital Kitchen Scale

digital scale
  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 10
What You'll Need
Digital scale
Calibration weight
Instruction manual
Electrical supply or batteries

Calibrating a digital kitchen scale is a process that needs to be done in order to ensure an accurate reading. Since in this case the scale is digital, the procedure is very simple.

Step 1 - Switch It On

Start off by switching on your digital scale. Some need to be plugged into an electrical system while most of them are powered with batteries.

Step 2 - Refer to the Instruction Manual

Any digital scale will have a number of buttons, one of which is intended for calibrating it. You may easily determine which one it is, but in case you are undecided just refer to the accompanying instruction manual. Most brands refer to this button as "Cal", "Mode" or "Function".

Step 3 - Press the Button

At this point press the calibration button. You may need to hold it down for a few seconds until the display shows that it has reacted accordingly.

Step 4 - Place the Calibration Weight

Now you can place the calibration weight on the scale. This is intended specifically for the calibration procedure. The calibration will be finished usually either when the display shows a “0” or an "End" reading. Some brands may also beep.

Different brands may have diverse ways of calibrating, but the most generic way to go about it is as has been described above.