How to Calibrate Your Garage Door Sensor

What You'll Need
Small items

When the garage door sensor works properly it will keep the door from slamming into the floor, or into someone who is standing under the door. When the garage door opener is not stopping when it should, or if the door continues to come down when there is something under it, then you may need to calibrate the garage door sensor. 

Step 1 - Set Small Item Under Door

Place some small item under the door so you can calibrate the sensitivity of the sensor and the height. Press the garage door button to lower it and see if it stops.

Step 2 - Turn Sensors Towards Each Other

If the sensors are not working properly it can mean that they are not aiming where they should. The sensors should be directly across from each so the beam of light can be sensed by each one. 

Step 3 - Adjust Height of Sensors

Another problem with sensors is that they are not high enough off the ground. They should be at least 6 inches off the surface of the garage floor in order for them to work properly. 

Step 4 - Move Out from Door

Once the height is calibrated, you may also have to bring the sensors out from the door a little. While they should be close, they should be at least 2 to 3 inches away from the door itself.