How to Cap a Copper Water Pipe Line

What You'll Need
Copper Pipe Cap
Emery Paper
Propane Torch

A copper water pipe is the most used form of plumbing in a home. PVC pipes are great for drains and carrying wastewater, but copper pipes are still used for water supply through the home. This is because they are much stronger than the PVC pipes and will hold the pressure of the water. When installing new pipe there is sometimes the need to place a cap on the end until you can finish that section. Here are the steps for placing a cap on a copper water pipe.

Step 1: Sand Edge of Copper Pipe

Using the emery paper, sand down the edge of the copper pipe opening. This will remove any burrs or straight edges that will interfere with the seal from the solder.

Step 2: Apply Flux to Copper Water Pipe

Use the applicator that is with the jar of flux and rub it on the outside of the copper pipe. This is so that it will create a water-tight seal when the solder is applied.

Step 3: Place Cap on End

Place the cap on the end of the pipe and twist it a little for a bond with the flux.

Step 4: Solder Cap

Turn on the propane torch and hold it to the seam of the cap and copper pipe. After a few seconds touch the solder to the seam. It should melt and be sucked around the seam.