How to Cap a Refrigerator Water Line

What You'll Need
Piercing water saddle tap valve

Capping the refrigerator water line can be a difficult task if you have never done it before. Here are a few materials that you will need along with steps to guide you through the process:

Step 1 - Turn Off Water

Begin by shutting off the water to the area. You want to make sure you shut the water off and then allow time for it to sit. When you are ready, move the fridge out away from the wall. You will want to use a bucket to catch any of the excess water that comes out of the water line. Lay a towel on the ground in the area you are working in so that you do not make a mess or ruin the flooring.

Step 2 - Cap the Water Line

To cap the water line from your fridge, you will need a piercing water saddle tap valve. To use the valve, attach it to the end of your water line. Use a wrench of you need to tighten it at all. Turn it clockwise so that it is all of the way in. When you are turning the valve, it is piercing one end with a sharp metal piece and securing it closed into the off position. It is important to have a bucket handy and in place. You will want to use one that is large enough to hold about 5 gallons. That is most likely the largest amount of water that can come out of the water supply line to drain. While this may take awhile to do, the water should come out pretty quickly and you will just want to wait as it drains. Also, allowing it to dry completely may be a good idea. This way you do not have to worry about any smells or mold forming in the wet tubing.

Step 3 - Test It Out

You will want to check periodically to make sure that the area is still being maintained and that the valve is working to keep the water line capped. Keeping the bucket and towel there for a few days is a good idea to make sure that an accidental spill will not ruin anything. Typically, the cap will work on the first try and you can remove the bucket and towels a few days later, both dry.

If you want to open the valve and un cap it at some point, all you have to do is turn the valve the other way in a counter clockwise direction. If you are looking for a valve, you will want to start by checking out your local hardware store. they will typically carry these valves and you will just go in and explain the job that you are trying to complete. If you cannot find the valve in a hardware store then you definitely will be able to find one on line. They are easy to order and very inexpensive.