How to Care for a Copper Teapot

What You'll Need
Warm water
A mild detergent
Table salt
Glass plate
Two soft cloths
A multipurpose metal polish

A burnished copper teapot will add a touch of class and create aesthetic delight whether you are simply having your usual cup of tea or entertaining friends.

If copper is to retain its gleaming beauty, it needs frequent cleaning and polishing because it tarnishes easily, especially in humid conditions. If your teapot is not an antique, it might easily have a lacquer or a wax finish, so it will only require washing and no polishing. Lacquer will also keep a patina from forming on your teapot, and it will retain the lovely color and sheen of copper rather than turning a dark chocolate brown in color.

(Method One)

Step 1 - Soak in Warm Water

Soak the teapot in warm, soapy water for a few minutes. Make sure to use a mild soap solution to prevent causing any damage to your copper teapot.

Step 2 - Rinse

Remove from the soapy solution and rinse well in warm water. Dry it well with one of the soft cloths.

Step 3 - Apply Polish

Next, take hold of the polish can and shake well before using. Apply it lightly but thoroughly over the pot and let it dry.

Step 4 - Polish

Polish well and thoroughly until your teapot is gleaming

The problem with copper utensils is if they are not kept clean and well polished, they won’t distribute the heat evenly, and so food will not be evenly cooked; your copper teapot is meant to keep your tea hot for a long time, so it pays to clean it well so that it does not develop patches because of tarnish or dirt, which will allow the heat to dissipate.

(Method Two)

Step 1 - Cut One Lemon In Half

Bring out a small glass plate and spread some table salt on it. Cut a large lemon in half and dip the exposed side of one of the halves into the table salt you just placed on your plate.

Step 2 - Rub Well All Over

Taking this salt-coated lemon half in your hand, rub it all over your copper teapot. Cover all areas, inside and out, occasionlly dipping the lemon back into the table salt to re-coat it.

Step 3 - Rinse and Dry Well

Once ready, rinse well with clear water and dry well with a soft cloth, polishing at the same time.

The use of a dishwasher is absolutely prohibited for copper, as the harsh detergent might damage it. Polishing your copper teapot with a commercial product will give it a brighter sheen than if no polish was used and it is just buffered with a dry soft cloth.

Your copper teapot might be lined with silver or tin, or it might be solid copper or copper plated, but whatever the case, it will give you years of pleasure if you maintain it well.