How to Care for a Granite Kitchen Island Top How to Care for a Granite Kitchen Island Top

Taking good care of a granite kitchen island top will increase its longevity. Here are some suggestions to follow.


Always clean up spills immediately on a granite kitchen island top, especially an acidic substance like coffee, wine, tomato sauce and fruit juices. Although these materials will not scratch or etch granite, if left unwiped they could potentially stain the surface. Also wipe away cooking oil spills quickly.

Wipe with a Soft Cloth

Always use a soft cloth for wiping up spills. Apply a little warm water and some elbow grease for stubborn areas. Also try baking soda as a natural cleansing agent that will work well on granite surfaces. Although dish detergent will not necessarily hurt a granite top, repeated use has a tendency to dull the surface.

Protective Coasters and Trivets

It can become a good habit to use coasters, trivets or hot pads for added protection. You can place a hot pot directly from the stove on the granite surface, but for extended life it is a wise idea to use a trivet.

Use Cutting Boards

Always use a cutting board on top of the granite surface. Cutting on the stone directly will dull your knives.

Do NOT use generic household cleaners on your granite kitchen island top because repeated use may cause the sealant to deteriorate.

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